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Sam and Max: Hit the road help!

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I hope this is the right section

I just completed Sam and Max season 1 and I loved it. Now I wanna try my dads old Sam and max Hit the road, but when i tried to play it, there was no sound! So I tried to google it and found a program called DOSBox that should fix the sound problem. I used the wiki and opened the sound configurating thingy, and tried the different sound card options until i found one that worked and pressed exit and saved. Then it brings me to the Hit the road menu, and if I press the "Sam and max music" option and it works fine. But when i press "Play Sam and Max" It says that my sound drivers wasn't detected/failed and then the intro starts and still no sound :(

So can anyone help me?
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  • I loved Sam and Max seasons 1 and 2 and eagerly await season 3 and everything else Telltale releases, but I have to ask, am I crazy or does Sam and Max Hit the Road kind of suck? I just started playing it for the first time the past couple days, and I'm having major issues. Many required objects seem to be basically hidden (meaning many times you have to interact with what seem to be random objects and/or interact with the world in extremely unusual ways to advance the story) and most of the puzzles seem to be really illogical and random. I even had a major problem with being on several screens and not realizing I could move further to one side or the other to expand the view because the interface is so clunky and therefore completely missing a puzzle (e.g. ------ SPOILER ----- it took some effort even after reading Gamefaqs to figure out how to find the third magnet in the vortex of weirdness area). I don't see how this game can possibly be even advanced beyond the opening stages, much less completed, without a walkthrough letting you know what random actions you need to take. For comparison, this is part of my Lucas Arts adventure replay kick and I've finished the first three Monkey Islands before trying out the original Sam and Max for the first time, and as much as some of the puzzles in MI2 were basically impossible to figure out using common sense (MI1 and COMI are terrific in every way), at least you never regularly missed key inventory items because they weren't gettable using normal logic.
  • Believe it or not, some people are actually fond of the illogical nonsense puzzles. They keep the game from being too short. Admittedly, you can probably argue that it's fake game length inflation, but that's kind of what people expect from games of the era. The nonsense that takes forever to figure out on your own, I mean.
  • Not to mention that many of these games came out before there was a public Internet to ask for hints on! A lot of times in those old adventures, when you didn't know what to do, you just started doing random things to random items, and then were shocked when something useful happened.

    LucasArts actually improved on what the other adventure games of the era were doing. In some of those, your character died frequently when you did the wrong thing, and you had to restore and try again. It was particularly annoying when you found out you had to do something different many, many moves before, so you had to restore the game all the way back to that point, and replay it again to get back to where you were. LucasArts made games where you didn't have to die so much, and when you did make a wrong decision, it was possible to recover later in the game. Every Telltale game I've played has followed in that tradition.
  • The original intended voices for the characters would be best referenced in the animated cartoon series, Purcell had the most creative push there.
  • Zootch;71528 said:
    The original intended voices for the characters would be best referenced in the animated cartoon series, Purcell had the most creative push there.
    Are you nuts? The animated series removed the amount of creative influence that Purcell had. The LucasArts of the early 90's had a much more free and creative atmosphere than what Fox Kids allowed for. They could even get away with cheap shots at the Koran in Hit the Road, and if that doesn't show creative freedom I don't know what does!
    xChri5x said:

    Dosbox is unnecessarily complicated. Plus scumm makes the games look better graphically.
    Actually, the newer version of Dosbox has a lot of the same graphical filters that ScummVM does. Also, the simulated Adlib sound card is more accurate. I personally prefer Dosbox because what you play is what was originally there, ScummVM replaces the old EXE files and thus has slight divergences from the originals.
  • I prefer scummvm myself, needs much less resources than dosbox for the same result as it is specialised; and they have the opportunity to fix bugs present in the original.
  • There is actually also a version of Sam & Max Hit The Road that was made to work on Windows XP. It comes on a shiny, brand-new DVD complete with spoken dialogue!
  • The original CD version had full speech. They just re-released it with a new interpreter
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    Which can still crash and/or corrupt your save games (so save it often)

    I once played in hardcore mode (no saves) and the game crashed near the end (solving the final puzzle)
  • I don't think the original CD version would work on WIndows XP though, would it?
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