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How can I earn some money from Internet ? (Need help)

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Hi, as I said dollar is valuable in my country and because of that I need to find a good job in the Internet
Even 10 dollars in a day would be awesome for me

But how ? is there any works to earning money from Internet ?
as I said even 10 dollars in a day would be awesome for me

Somebody help me please :(
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  • Yeah, all the internet has taught me is how to find people in real life who will hire me.
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    What about making mini games ? I'm good at this one too
    or animations or any works that could give me the dollars,:D because as I said $ is really valuable in my country

    sorry for my broken English
  • Mini games? It's... possible, but it's a very crowded market. Probably not the way to go.
  • Another slight problem: Sanctions on your country would make it difficult to send you any money anyway. Bank transfers aren't allowed, and law-abiding companies won't hire you. I don't have any suggestions.
  • So then Mabel said to me "Well, why did you wear those earrings?" And then we went to Nine West but we couldn't find anything we wanted because I have really wide feet, but sometimes I can find stuff at Payless. But then Cindy told me Victoria's Secret was just around the corner and she said they were having a sale and she knows I'm really broke right now. So I confronted her and... well..
  • Ik how to become rich! steal $1 from a million different people!
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    coolsome;721896 said:
    Ik how to become rich! steal $1 from a million different people!
    Theft is a sin in my religion, Even one dollar from a rich person
    I prefer to die :D
  • Pretty sure Coolsome was joking there. He does that a lot.
  • Write a book, convert it to ebook format, and self-publish it on Amazon's Kindle bookstore.
  • Do freelance. Go to sites like (or the equivalent for your country if you have one) and try get a gig there.

    I was freelancing fairly frequently at one period of time, mostly as an English-to-Russian translator, netted me 200-300 dollars a month which was a LOT in my home country (plus I usually actually worked only on weekends and didn't take upon many projects)

    2 things, though.
    a) Freelance is not a secure job, your projects end, you need to find AND fight for new ones, especially if you're not known in the field (which is also the reason why you won't get big gigs until you get tons of exposure).
    b) Be wary of who you work for. While I in my personal experience have never been scammed, it's the Internet. So try to see how professional the job posting looks, do the research on the person/company, NEVER accept work from people with free e-mail hosts like yahoo and gmail, and always protect your work (for example, if you do a piece of art, at least watermark it when sending the results so you wouldn't be scammed for money, and then send the actual piece when you're sure you'll get paid)

    Also, I must say that I never actually used, I used other, east european, sites. But as far as I know it's like the biggest English freelance site. Search for some other ones too.
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