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Episode Five: The Final Choice

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I'm pretty sure this won't happen, because I saw it posted in another thread as a joke - but when I really considered it, I really struggled to make a decision. Therefore, I think it'd be a horrible final choice to have to make.

Here it is:

Lee turns. The survivors are climbing aboard the boat, but before they can sail away, Lee is upon them - and he pulls one of them back and bites them. But who do you kill?

The broken Kenny? Innocent Clementine? Pregnant Christa? Harmless Omid? Ben, who is so eager to redeem himself?

I know this won't actually happen, because I'd imagine all if not most of your group will be very very dead by the close of episode 5. But I thought it was an interesting concept - we've been so concerned with saving group members - what if we were forced to kill one of them?

I really can't decide. I know a lot of people will have their own grudges against characters like Kenny and Ben, but really consider it. I'd love to hear what you guys would do.
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  • If this actually were to happen, I would go for Christa. Ever since she appeared, I didn't like her.
  • Baby killer! Just kidding, I'm not keen on her either. She's definitely a candidate. Ken and Omid are bros. Obviously Clem is safe. And I wouldn't kill Ben after saving him. I really can't decide. I guess Kenny doesn't have much more to live for, whereas the others kind of do. But he's my bro... :-(
  • Uh, yes, this is indeed very hard D:

    I dislike Kenny, I sort of like Christa and Omid, even though it feels like they don't really trust me, and Ben is my fave. Clem is just not an option here...

    I'd feel like a complete piece of shit after doing it, but I think I'd have to pick Omid here, seems like a better option for the sake of the group :/
  • Difficult choise Indeed. Not.
    Ben, Of course. douchebag.. I'd eat his brain. Oh, Wait... He doesn't have a brain.
  • I think purely as a mercy kill (and also it has a weird kind of poetic-ness to it) I'd have to take Kenny. He really hasn't got anything left, whereas Christa and Omid have the prospect of a coming child, and Clem and Ben are still young. Bros go down together.
  • It might make you bite Clem.
    Again it prob won't but imagine :(
  • kenny in first play through since i dropped ben's sorry ass

    on my second save the stupid newb ben i'd eat him and enjoy every gory bloodied piece of him..
  • I would bite Kenny. I know it's mean, but Christa needs Omid if she is pregnant...and if Clementine survives, and still has no parents, they can take her in. And Ben is pretty young too so maybe he can chill with them for a bit as well. I don't want him to die young... :(
  • Yeah that would be a horrible choice to make but probably Kenny. He's my dude but he'll probably kill himself within a few weeks of getting on the boat, so...
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