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What kind of playthroughs do you have?

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We know that there's three slots for playthroughs. I have two of them and they're up to episode four.
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  • My first Playthrough is a mixture of the first 3, and my 2nd one was also Pro Kenny and Clem, but I made sure to back him on everything except for the Ben thing this time, and he joined me automatically at the end. :). I was slightly more pragmatic with Clem though, saying shit in front of her, stealing from the car and killing Danny, but otherwise, I still looked out for her.
  • Haha, just finished my 2nd playthrough, and lee is all on his own. I guess being a jackass hasn't done me any favours lol.
    I'm still a bit annoyed that on my first playthrough Kenny didn't back me. Apparantly if I plea that Clem is my only family he comes along. But if I rewind doesn't that defeat the purpose of my first playthrough, being original thoughts? hmm. I did have Christa, Omid and Ben back me too, but now I don't have a playthrough in which Kenny backs me.
  • Good guy lee, Father Lee, Bro Lee.
  • Just Original for me. I'm staying pure until episode 5 is complete.
  • My thoughts and Douchebag Lee.

    Ahh.... Douchebag Lee...
  • Bro Lee, Father Lee, and Good Lee.
  • Guy-love Lee and Original thought Lee.

    Both are Pro-Kenny. Gotta mash dem Larry heads.
  • I have one with my original choices both on the PC and PS3, I'll trying playing a silent Lee, bad Lee and opposite choices when I have the complete game.
  • I'm contemplating starting playthrough 3 of the same choices just so I can see how my story ends. It would have been nice to have tried making different decisions. The glitches erasing my saves/choices are beyond annoying at this point. I'm very disappointed that a game I enjoy so much has fallen so short technically. My experience has been ruined.
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