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Stuck in Season 1 Episode 1

In Culture Shock, after I woke up from being hypnotized, I cannot find Sybil Pandemik anywhere to give me the schematic for the hypno-helmet. I have tried it three times starting from scratch, but each time she isn't there. Is there something I am missing? I am playing it on the PC, and I got the game from GoG when it was on sale.


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    I never did figure it out. I just moved on to a different game.
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    In case anyone is having problems with this, there is a workaround for it: Sybil can actually be clicked, she's just invisible. Look around the closet - if you hover your mouse over it, you'll see her name pop up and if you click it, she'll appear behind her desk again.
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    Downloaded game from, got stuck at this point. The version you download from is 1.0.0 so you need the patch from the site as well. before the patch she wasn't there at all, after the patch the tip about her being invisible by the door worked.
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