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Episode 5 Worth reading!! [Question]

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[This is probably not real. I got this idea in school]

In episode 5, let's say that you found clementine and her parents. Her parents think that you're the bad guy. When they first see you, clementine's dad pulls out his gun and aims at Lee. Lee notices and quickly pulls out his gun and aims at Clementine's dad. Clementine's dad shoots but misses. He starts reloading and Lee knows that there's no stopping him by talking.

So what would you do, let clementines parents kill you, or would you kill them?

[if you let them kill you, you wont be able to make choices, but you will see how things turn out]
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  • I picked let them kill me for three reasons:

    1 - I am going to die anyway and these are her parents (if I wasn't bitten, I would run away and not kill them).

    2 - I don't believe we will find her parents here if they are alive, I honestly believe they would be doing everything possible to get to Clem back at home.

    3 - I truly believe they are dead (at least her dad) since it was implied he was sick and getting very worse. The voice message never specifically states that he was bit, but if you listen to how much worse he becomes and the mother says people are randomly attacking people outside, it is pretty clear what is going on. Of course I could be wrong, we shall see soon enough.
  • I personally think Clementine's parents are alive, I think that you might have to kill them, but whatever happens, It's going to be very emotional for both Lee and Clementine.
  • I think theyr'e dead the messages dont confirm it but it gives us an idea. And diana said ed was in the er after being bitt by some guy. Plus those messages were probobly there before and when lee crashed.
  • Neither, I'd shoot him in the leg. If he doesn't stop reloading the next bullet would be for his head.
  • I'd just let him kill me. It'd cut off my goodbye to Clem, but there's no way I'd kill her parent who she has been hoping to find this entire time and have her last memory of Lee be that of the monster that murdered her father before I died anyway.

    Why not let her dad kill me? Would it be better to let one of my friends have to kill me than a complete stranger who thinks he's protecting his daughter who I care about?
  • Ninnuendo;719168 said:
    If he doesn't stop reloading the next bullet would be for his head.
    So you would kill her father, who raised her for 8 years, then die a few hours later from the bite?

    She's known Kenny for only a few months, Ben about 2 weeks at best, and Omid & Christa for a few hours, maybe a day, and you think she's be better off with one of them?

    All so you can live a few more hours to die of a high fever, in horrible pain?
  • I'd kill them so they don't kill me.
    They're probably dead anyways. Or dying. Idk why I picked what I did. Even though I'll die soon I won't let them kill me at any cost.
  • Red Panda;718972 said:
    Worth reading? I beg to differ.
    That was rude...

    ...but... :rolleyes:
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