Why does everyone get a boner over Carley?



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    OK, still a noob, but I rewound plenty of times trying to save Carley.

    Carley was a realist and could also handle firearms. For that alone, I wanted her saved. But, it seems the game said she must die no matter what scenario I played, no matter what i (Lee) said.

    Pissed me off.
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    She wasn't 'hot' she doesn't even exist. Anyways, the reason people were upset that she died. Is how she died. It was sudden and unnecessary. Not to mention she was more of the well rounded and helpful characters.

    There is no question about it. If the situation was bad, you'd always know Carley would have your back.
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    Every single bullet Carley ever fired from her pistol struck an enemy in the head. That's extreme precision if i ever saw it. Excellent skill to have, and she potentially saved everyone's life at least once. She was a good character, trustful, helpful, kind and such, and most folks liked having her around. Her death was sudden and out of nowhere, and almost immediately after an implied romance.

    Clamoring to bring her back alive, or becoming sexually aroused may be a bit extreme, but anger and sadness is understandable.

    In the comics, man...the characters have sex so many times i was getting sick of it.. :eek:
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    its not a sexual thing for me its just having something taken away from me that I really appreciated in the group. and carley and lee had there own little cliq, were they could just kinda openly talk to eachother , not so much with anyone else in the group i found myself to be picking sides or trying to appease people with carley you could talk freely and not get shunned for it. which was helpfull in makign those bigger decissions, and the sudden way she was taken away mid sentence felt like i was robbed! lol at that moment i went from nice lee all the way through to...i'm gunna fucking kill this bitch for shootin carley, they did an amazing job in this game of making connections with chracters that so many games just simply try but cannot do. once again cant say it enough AMAZING GAME GUYS KEEP IT UP!
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    I got one from Lilly instead. O_O
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    Then there's those who saved Doug... .___.
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