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If everyone dies...

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... would you still take Clem away from Radiobastard?

After all these Tweets from Telltale staff I've been wondering about what kind of trap or dilemma you're walking into. I have to imagine this one would be one of the hardest to take.

Having lost everyone else in the group, you finally reach a point of being able to get Clem back but would that actually be the right thing to do? Everyone else is gone, Lee is dying, taking Clem is actually irresponsible. So with all that in mind, could you leave her with Radiobastard because she's safer with him?

Actually ramping up the stakes even higher, let's say he is infact a paedophile. Leave her with him or essentially condemn her to die alone a few hours later?
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  • Some of the theorys scare me.
    I cant leave Clem to that. Shes all the good in the world.
    Inocense of Clem is all that remains.
    I cant leave her. ill find someone else. Molly.
  • Molly is dead, everyone is dead as far as you know.
  • I'm not surprised no-one wants to vote on this, it's a pretty horrible choice.
  • You're right, i can't do either of these things. I liked the idea of taking Clem to the church bell and ringing it to contact Molly before Lee dies.
  • Oh dear, i misinterpreted the choice and thought the "take her" choice meant take her life as a zombified Lee so i chose to leave her. Then i read the pedophile part.... i really shouldn't jump the gun like that. :(

    I would take her with me, try to get her to a safe place or find some decent supplies, give her a gun and leave when the time came. She knows how to defend herself and has survived by herself before, so i think that's better than leaving her with radioman(nice nickname, by the way:p).
  • I think I'd take her, she's barely any safer with Radiobastard than she is on her own. In those few remaining hours I can secure the house for her, find her some supplies and teach her how to get more. What's more, I can kill Radiobastard and steal all his supplies, it might give her a few more months alive.
  • Take her. I want to spend my final moments with her, Maybe find her shelter and lots of food and meds .. She does know how to use a gun now, Anyways.
  • maybe finish her off? Kill the radio guy and anyone else at the camp, then have lee start to cry as he tells her to turn around and close her eyes. He pulls the trigger and watches her tiny body fall, he continues to cry as he quickly is reminded of his infection and puts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger again.
  • If there was no one left... I'd leave her. With the implicit instructions to get away as soon as she gets the chance. I wouldn't take the chance of saving her only to turn and eat her myself as soon as we're out the door.
  • talk about a rock and a hard place
    I dont wanna make that decision
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