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Ep 4 restarts in middle after completion

posted by Red Panda on - last edited - Viewed by 322 users
I turned on the game to check the stats at the end but to my surprise I couldn't.

I clicked "continue" and it started me at the scene in the hallway, right after Lee left classroom the group was looking at the map of the different locations. I bend the corner and Molly is saying the garage is this way and Vernon and Christa were still trying to get the door open. Yeah...
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you removed your storage device during gameplay or did not select a storage device when prompted to, the game would not have saved your progress. Please ensure you select the storage device with your current save to continue your progress. If your storage device is disconnected during gameplay or after reaching the Main menu, make sure you reconnect it and select the same device before making any progress off your current save.
  • Quick update: When I restarted it again it took me back to episode one. I didn't feel like replaying the episode at the time so I stopped playing after I got the car battery and was back at the school so I know it was saved. When I restarted again to finish episode 4 for some reason ep 1 started.

    To respond to the storage device, you need to select one to access the game so that's not the issue.

    And I didn't remove the storage device at any point. I saved it on my main hard drive.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If the storage device is removed or no longer registers during gameplay, you will be prompted to select a new storage device or continue playing without saving.

    Also, if you select your save and then tab to the last episode you were playing (ep 4?), do you have rewind checkpoints available for Ep 4?
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