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An Abandoned Carley Fanfiction

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Here's a piece I wrote in which Carley lives and teams up with this guy, Avery. She wants to reconnect with the group, he wants to head to the mountains, and it follows their journey.

I wrote the very beginning but I left it alone in favor of some other projects. I have the story planned out but don't intend on finishing it. Still, I'd hate to see it be for not so I thought I'd share what I have.



A walker is shuffling towards a body (Carley) on the side of
the road.

CLOSE UP: The walker leans in to take the first bite when
suddenly it stops moving.

REVEAL: A MAN (Avery) pulls a large knife from the back of
it's head and the body falls over.

AVERY starts to search CARLEY'S pockets quickly and
methodically for anything scavangable. Nothing. He rips open
her shirt to search her bra. He puts his hand in her cup
when CARLEY grabs his arm.

AVERY pushes on her chest to pin her, CARLEY moans in pain,
and he lifts up his knife to drive through her head when she

(weak voice)
Help me...[/CENTER]

AVERY pauses for a beat then lowers his weapon.

Hey, my name Avery. I'll help you
out as best as I can but I need you
to listen to me. What's your name?


Carley, where do you feel pain?

My left cheek.[/CENTER]

CARLEY sits ups, wincing in pain.

Does it hurt anywhere else?

AVERY looks around for walkers. He starts digging in his
backpack and pulls out bottle of pills. He opens it, takes a pill
out, and puts the bottle back in his backpack. He presents
CARLEY with the pill and a water canteen.

It's a painkiller and some water.
It's the best I can do for you
right now. That gun shot is going
to bring Dummies. We need to get
moving. Can you walk?

Yeah, I think so.[/CENTER]

CARLEY stands up. Suddenly AVERY grabs her arms and binds her
hand with rope.

What the hell do you think you're

(pushes her)
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