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Suggestions on how to improve the forums

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 57.5K users
I made this thread so people can discuss how the fourms can be improved so i'll start off.

I think the classics part of the thread should be back in the main menu of the fourms with all the rest of the forums topics because since they are in the classics hardly anyone ever replys anymore to them.
  • How about we don't talk about who it was so I don't have to start...the cleansing.
  • GuruGuru214;720746 said:

    Pfft, I didn't. That said, it really does suck when you have to ban a regular. I have no problem with banning assholes, though.
    Am i a regular?

    Edit:Just noticed,It's been almost 2 years since i joined the fourms :)
  • ryannumber1gamer;720780 said:
    Am i a regular?

    Edit:Just noticed,It's been almost 2 years since i joined the fourms :)
    Ah, good. Now seems the perfect time to ban you, then, to meet their bannage of regulars quota.
  • Ribs;720804 said:
    Ah, good. Now seems the perfect time to ban you, then, to meet their bannage of regulars quota.
    I thought that JedEx already signed up to be the next banned regular?
  • But what am I here for then?
  • Gman5852;720822 said:
    But what am I here for then?
    Target practice.
  • Alcoremortis;720838 said:
    Target practice.
    That explains the arrows that keep flying past me.
  • Oops, sorry. That's why they don't give the blind moderator a bow and arrow. I have katana.
  • Vainamoinen;720696 said:
    Noooo, noooo, the best ones go "It's 11 pm now where I live, where is the episode". That's best for Asians and Australians.
    I kept the where I live part out on purpose because those users usually think it's the same time everywhere on the globe.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    GuruGuru214;720746 said:
    [QUOTE=der_ketzer;720601]Not a timeout. A real ban including deleting all posts and clearing the forum of all traces.
    Hey, we've only done that once that I know of, and it was so serious, all traces of the conversation about it were even removed from the mod board.[/QUOTE]

    Confession time.

    I would have said exactly that six months ago with the purest knowledge that it was the case back then. Those good times are over. The amount of racist crap we got in TWD forums for whatever reason had to be killed off in exactly that way (and Mike once deleted about three pages of a thread himself just for the thread to get a new chance). And the level of personal insults was so damn high that a simple ban often wouldn't have sufficed because the unbearable thrice quoted verbal injuries to community members would still explode in uncontrollable flaming.

    Then, at least one particular member went so overboard with his idea that a certain dead character should be miraculously revived (or, wasn't dead to begin with), with account after account of untraceable IPs, that the ONLY way to finally get him off the forums was to make clear that all his insistent protest efforts do not leave ANY trace on the forums. I openly apologized to the Walking Dead community in one extreme case, and I had to rid the thread of about 60 comments (not kidding). Got a PM by one concerned member who didn't like all that censoring shit, and I applauded him, but saw no_other_way. We'd still have the same mofo around if he had considered his 'work' even remotely fruitful.

    Also, I deleted quite a few announcements of piracy without trace; I originally intended to leave these in as a warning... but instead one such announcement would usually spawn two to three enthusiastic consents by other members, whom in turn I had to ban as well.

    BATTLEFIELD there. I hope Fables works out far smoother. I hate this crap. It's work for nothing, and you NEVER want to do it.

    I do sharply contest the notion that such extreme cases are "a real ban" though. A "real ban" neither means all posts deleted nor thrown out forever, else we'd almost only call the spambot bans "real bans". ;)
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