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  • I wanna see it so bad I would let Clem die (Hahah, yea I'd never do that).
  • Throw your computer out the window?!
  • that's the feeling of wanting to break something
    I play on xbox anyways :P
  • ZachyKinz;720811 said:
    Throw your computer out the window?!
    Yeah if he threw his computer out the window he'll never be able to finish the series.
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    If Lee going to die so Clem must die too :D
  • I know that Lee is going to save Clem so I am not concerned about that. My interest is more along the lines of.. Is there going to be an actual ending?

    I mean something like what BioShock did when if you saved all the girls then you had one story and if you didn't then you ruled the world with them.

    I just hope that there is no friggen cliffhanger that leads into season two. A little closure on the characters that went with you and those that did not would really satisfy me for the game. Though, I have a feeling that won't happen so I think I'll be a bit disappointed in the end.

    All in all, still worth the $ but perhaps not the mental/emotional attachments to the characters w/o a proper ending.
  • I am just waiting patiently I have a few games that just came out so I am playing them in the time being
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    If Lee going to die so How clem could be able to protect herself in a world with full of walkers ?
  • I'm actually afraid to play episode 5. I don't want my favorite characters killed off.
  • I know people are going to die. Just like Rick said to Carl, you're going to have to accept it some day. So all I'm worried about is if this thing is going to have a cliffhanger for Season 2, which I don't want!
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