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Forgotten Unsolved Mystery in Episode 3

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This is one of the BIGGEST forgotten mysteries in the Walking Dead game... Remember back in Episode 3, we got on the train, and in the driver's seat, there was this guy you thought was a zombie, but actually had half his head smashed off?

Obviously, prime suspect is Chuck (R.I.P.), but what motive would he have to kill him?

Do you think it was Chuck? Another group/person before him? I don't know, the train driver's corpse doesn't seem extremely decomposed O.o
Or maybe it was just the fact that the driver compartment was sealed off and no flies/bugs could get in :L

Who do you think it is, and what was their motive?
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  • Half of the guys head was literally blown off which would support a suicide headshot from point blank, the blood splatters on the window and consoles prove that he was shot from behind though. It wouldn't make much sense to shoot oneself from behind, so suicide can be ruled out in my opinion.

    Chuck would be the only reasonable person to have killed him from what we know. We will never really find out though.


  • if the window had been thinner, he would have gone flying through it. It stopped him, crushing his skull, and the force threw him backagain.
  • rachellouise85;720289 said:
    if the window had been thinner, he would have gone flying through it. It stopped him, crushing his skull, and the force threw him backagain.
    You could be right with that as well. It might well have been an accident when the train derailed and came to a sudden stop, catapulting him right into the windscreen and back into his seat. Maybe not very propable, but possible.
  • The crack through the window. Mystery solved. ... ... ... OR IS IT? MWAHAHAHAHHAHA
  • It does seem like he was murdered but there is no entrance wound in the back of his head?
  • erm panda half of his head is missing ?

    so that would mean that the 'entrance wound' is irelevant as with out the other half to look at you can't see it.

    as the 'shot' basically blew it off/ destroyed that part
  • What are you guys talking about? The train crashed and his head hit the windshield, destroying his brain. There was no mystery there- the cracked windshield and caved in head kind of gave you a hint.
    Jeez... some people just can't see the obvious when it's staring you right in the face.
  • I though a rock had been launched through the window, but that seems unlikely, so the crash scenario seems more plausible.
  • am i the only one that realized that the engine you take is the rear engine?
    the rest of the train is derailed, it wouldnt make any sense for the front engine and car to be the only cars to not derail

    anyways the crash would have forced him back into his seat and presumably the shift in the momentum would have then whipped him forward into the windshield with enough force to break his head open

    the rest of his could have possibly rotted over the next three months
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    K0t0 BANNED
    Fools, clearly The Governor came along and wanted to make an example of him and so carved part of his head off with a knife, and then he say himself in the window and thoiggt "My reflection knows too much" and so stabbed his reflection. Then Lilly picked him up, if anything the Governor thought that this RV was rare but he thought naw forget it yo holmes to Woodbury!
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