Twd - title update does not work

Why am I not surprised.

So, I start up TWD, see an update. Oh goodie. After it gets done downloading, I decide to start up my third, extra file that i used to back up my saves while this huge mess was going on, just to see if it really works. Good thing I used that one and not my main two saves. It was in the middle of episode 4; when I started it up, it reset the file back on episode 1.

Good job, Telltale! I will not be purchasing Episode 5. Shame really.

EDIT: Not sure if this matters, but I don't see any title update in my Xbox 360 hard drive storage. All there is are the four episodes and the 11 MB "saved game" data.


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    You gotta respect the technical difficulties behind something like this, which I do. But customers deserve to get what they pay for.

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    I done the same thing when this all started. I could only select slot 3 when the glitch appeared, so I copied my playthrough from slot 1 to slot 3, and I tried a couple of times before the patch to play the copied slot 3 game but the decisions were not mine.

    When I finally got the patch today, I tried testing it on the back-up slot 3, my decisions were all messed up. I was thinking the game was still broken. but then I tried my original slot 1 save (out of desperation), it worked my decisions were still there for the most part (episode 1 stats were gone, but 2 & 3 were intact - and my story was unaffected) I've just played through Ep.4 without any new problems.

    This may not work for you, but you may as well try it at this stage, if you've already downloaded the patch: just load your original game, look at the stats and if they were your decisions, just play. As far as I can tell, before the patch was released, copying your file, corrupted your stats on the new slot, but didn't ruin your original save.

    I was still asked to random generate choices for unplayed episodes, but it made no difference to my game.

    I hope this helps, but if not please don't track me down and murder me.
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    As far as I know, all Title Updates are stored on your hard drive, but only a few games allow users to access them in the 'Storage' area. For most games these updates are hidden and clearing cache or removing the hard drive is the only way to delete them (though you can't play any game online after removing the Title Update).
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    I started up TWD, just out of curiosity, and looked at my stats for the two completed files in slots 1 and 2 (mine and my girlfriend's, respectively). Despite getting reset several times, we managed to complete the game through episode 4 with all our unique choices intact. So, I don't want to play on them, because they're "done" until episode 5 comes out. However, I won't put any more money into a defective product. Maybe if Telltale gets it together...

    Anyway, when I looked at the stats in both files, I noticed they were all completely jumbled up and incorrect. It doesn't make sense, because I remember when I started ep. 4, it showed in the "previously on" cinematic that I left Lilly behind, and yet my stats say I brought her along. They also say I didn't shoot Duck when I did, etc. So I don't know what to think.
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    Oh, sorry Treadly. I may have misunderstood your problem. I think you're saying: you had already completed episode 4 in the original slots before your decisions got all messed up. It was only when you went to review your game stats that you realised something was wrong. That sucks...

    Sorry to hear that - I just hope this doesn't happen to me.
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