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Would you play again from the beginning just to do things different?

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Just to make different choices and achieve new results?
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  • I havn had save issues. DOES THIS HAPPEN ON HE 360
    damn caps lock
  • Interesting question. No one seemed to get the answer that people really want to know, "Does it really make any difference by the end of E4?"

    Carlee's death was a super-duper blow to the group. If I manage to save her, will it stop me from having the same cast of characters at the end of E4?

    Is the final result of my choices going to be a never-ending entourage of characters that I will end up holding hands with to satisfy the true flow of the story?
  • I pretty much have had to restart bc my saves were wiped out by episode 4. When episode 5 releases ill play it and I will be done with the game. Not saying that in a hateful way, its just I dont eant to have to play through ep 1-3 again for the 4th time.
  • Definitely worth replaying a few times. Just to see how events unfold and how our choices change a conversation. With any game that is decision based like Mass Effect for example I play it a few times just to get my money worth out of it. No point playing it one time and missing out on so much content.
  • Perhaps. Depends on how bored I get in the future :P But I've already played through each episode about 3 times, but you know, if I get bored enough in the future I might play through all 5 one more time!
  • I'm planning on doing it after completing episode 5. Possibly doing the exact opposite of what I did on my first playthrough. Will be challenging though because I really like how my current playthrough is going so far.
  • No, I'll be doing it b/c I lost all my saves. Marathon session!
  • Simply because I enjoy it more of MY choices, MY storyline, If I played through with differnt choices on playthrough 2, it'd just ruin it for me.

    Looking forward to episode 5! hopefully this week hey? :3
  • No. I am dong the decisions that are my own and I want to live with them.
  • It is a lot of fun replaying it and making different decisions!
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