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Methode of looking around not satisfactory

posted by BramV on - last edited - Viewed by 974 users
I noticed that when you are in a situation where you don't walk but only look around, you have to click on and hold on the edge of the screen to slowly look that way.
As you might know, everything on the ipad works with 'swiping'. Users expect that in a situation where you look around, when you put your finger on the screen, and you move it around, the ipad reacts by 'following' your finger. EVERYTHING works that way, from the home screen, to the scroll boxes, internet pages, and all games I played where you could look around worked like that.

Then comes telltale games, and they do it differently. It could have been still acceptable if it would actually scroll any fast. But that's not the case, the scolling feels very slow and awkward. So what you get at the end of episode 4? You have to switch between shooting zombies and clicking your leg. But to click your leg you have to scroll/look down a bit after you click the down arrow. I still notice after 4 episodes that I'm still trying to SWIPE the screen down because I'm in a hurry, and that doesn't work at all.
When I do remember that I have to place my finger steadily at the bottom of the screen, the scrolling is so damn slow that it is really annoying, and it totally destroys the whole idea of 'needing to react very fast to survive' , cause apparently it takes several seconds for Lee to move his head slightly down to see his leg... which is nonsense ofcourse

Please fix this! Make it on the ipad that when you have to look around, you can do so in the standard way that all ipad apps use. It's faster, easier, more intuitive and it could really improve the overall feeling of the game much. It will also make that last part of episode 4 much more fun instead of frustrating (I died like 10 times because I had trouble looking down at Lee's leg... there just no fun in it that way, just frustration).
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The functionality you are requesting is exactly how you look around in the Walking Dead. If you place your finger in the middle of the screen and swipe, the camera will quickly swing in the direction you swiped. If you are not finding this functionality possible, there may be a problem with your device.
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