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My episode 5 predictions

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I can't wait for episode 5 and I spent a lot of time analyzing stuff trying to figure out what will happen next, and here are my predictions.

So the episode will begin with a massive horde of walkers entering Savannah. You learn that Clementine is being kept in Crawford at the Marsh House, where her parents were staying. Lee and the group will head there (or just Lee, depending on what happened at the end of 4), and on the way you will run into Molly.

Molly does NOT die in episode 4 no matter what you do. Even if you accidentally shoot her, if you look carefully, you see her run away and the walkers chase after Lee and Ben.

However, if you / Clem helped Molly in episode 4, she will help you reach Clementine. If you shot her / left her, she will not help you. It is harder if you don't have help because Lee begins to turn and get very weak.

Lee will reach the Marsh House where Clementine will be with the walkietalkie man. Clementine's mom is there along with a few other survivors, and she is very ill. We learn Clementine's dad was bit and killed, but Clementine's mom survived hoping to return home. Walkie talkie man doesn't want Lee to take Clem, because he thinks she is safer with him. He is about to kill Lee (if you have Ben with you, Ben is shot and killed) and suddenly Clem's mom turns and attacks walkie talkie man. You have the choice to either kill Clem's mom, or give Clementine the gun and have her do it. This decision is very important to the ending.

You make it back, and it will be Kenny, Christa, Omid, Lee, and Clementine no matter what.

They get on the boat JUST as walkers are right behind them.

They start to go towards one of the islands (there are many small islands surrounding Savannah) when Lee gets very sick and starts to cough up blood.

If you told the group about the bite, they will help you. If you didn't tell them about it, they will see it now and they will hate you for putting their life at risk.

The boat will have problems at this point and Kenny will realize that they can't make it to the island with all these people, and someone needs to jump off. If you hid the bite, Kenny will want to throw you off because you are dead anyways. Christa and Omid stay neutral but Kenny will want to throw Lee off, when suddenly Kenny is shot in the stomach and falls into the water, and we see Clementine is the one who shot him.

This explains why the voiceactor who plays Kenny says he doesnt know if Clem lives or dies, because Kenny will die before the ending so he doesn't know what happens after that.

They make it to the island where there are VERY few walkers and they realize there is a lot of food/supplies here.

Lee will begin to die at this point, he will be unable to move, and him and Clem say bye in a very emotional scene while Christa and Omid watch. Then Lee gives Clem the gun and tells her to end this.

NOW, this is when EVERY single decision you made from episode 1 will come into play.

If you:
  • Killed the St. John Brothers
  • Killed Larry
  • Stole from the car
  • Left Lilly on the road
  • Gun-trained Clem properly
  • Brought Clem to Crawford
  • Let Clem shoot her mom
Clem will SHOOT Lee, showing she has become a survivor and will do whatever it takes to survive, as she learned from Lee. If you DIDN'T do major things, like letting the St. John brothers live, bringing Lilly with you, and not killing Larry, Clem will hesitate in shooting Lee and Lee will turn and jump on Clementine and Christa/Omid will shoot him off.

The game will end with Clem being taken care of by Christa/Omid. Every character has had some sort of purpose except Christa/Omid, but as a couple, they will be able to provide Clem with stability and they are strong survivors too.
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  • I like it, I would happy if that game ended something like that.
  • Mornai;716567 said:
    He also says the line "There ain't no way this world lets my son live after i helped put someone elses in the ground" in episode 3.

    I think at some point the walkie talkie man will demand that Lee kill a member of his group(if any are with him) or he kills Clementine. In an interview TTG did they drop the line ""We’re hoping it will really test how far people will go for someone else. It’ll be really interesting to see what people do.”

    That could be a very tough decision....
    I would off christa:p sorry but bros before hoes...thats why Ben got dropped. That hoe was bending kenny over and asking him to say thanks, no thanks just fall:p
  • Profanity;715269 said:
    Didn't read the whole thing, but saw something in the beginning. If I remember correctly, someone did kill Molly. Most of the people who shot her, just grazed her shoulder, but I'm pretty sure some guy in these forums said that he shot her right in the head.

    Could be bullshit, though. D:
    It's not true. First of all the hit detection is so controlled and flawed in this game it is comical. When the game wanted me to stop killing the zombies surrounding the Hobo, it forcibly stopped allowing my bullets to land. All the action in episode 4 was extremely scripted and controlled and it shows Telltale's one true weakness. They are not good at programming for action scenarios... yet. Also, while the game gives the illusion of many possible choices and scenarios, it is just an illusion. It is still very scripted and the only choices you get to make are the ones that do not affect the outcome of each episode, like just about any adventure game except for a few notable exceptions where several endings were written based on the person's choices.

    On to other things:

    As I said before, I believe anyone who you could CHOOSE to take with you at the end of episode 4 will die or disappear before the end of episode 5. Otherwise the choices to be made would increase exponentially with each added scenario.

    IMO. I think the only one who may make it out will be Clementine, and if they want a true TWD ending, then she's not going to make it either.
  • This is actually a really good prediction, I think at least 2 of the things said in this will be true.
  • *The boat passengers will be:
    -Clem -the star dies last
    -Christa -even though we dont really like her
    -Molly -a necessary evil
    -Diana -.-
    -Kenny -Apple pie, Chevrolet, fishing... All American


    *The Radio Guy/Campman
    *Lee from a gunshot to the head by Kenny
    *Omid will die saving Christa


    *Molly belays Lee's death during the final confrontation with the radio man
    *Omid saves Christa

    Epic Fails:

    *The Radio Guy does not exact revenge and dies
    *Ben fails at luring the herd away from the group with church bells

    Only four will make it to the boat as Clem looks at the empty seat and cries softly in the arms of Molly.
  • All must die , there is no escape .
  • There ain't no way
    I Think that will be part, when we will have an option to cut lee's arm to prevent death from Bit, like the wiki says:
    Due to Lee receiving a bite and not treating it immediately afterwards, it is highly likely that Lee will die in the final episode of Season 1 in the game, although Robert Kirkman has stated that a bite kills due to blood loss or infection, not the virus itself. Adding to the fact that the bite appears very minor, this means treatment or amputation would be possible. One of Episode 5's achievements displays what appears to be a chopped hand or arm, further adding to the possibility of a decision for Lee to save himself by amputating the infected appendage, much like Rick does to Hershel in the television series.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    When Clementine's mom is found dead, she won't cry... and that is all the tragedy in heaven or earth.
  • Guys stop making posts with molly saving the day
    she can die in episode 4
  • Moneymich383;721611 said:
    Guys stop making posts with molly saving the day
    she can die in episode 4
    no the writer Gary Whitta says that she is in a bad situation in no instance does she defiantly die he wouldn't defend her this much if she was dead.
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