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Hero-U - from the makers of Quest for Glory

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Exactly what it says on the tin. Cory and Lori Cole, the creators of Quest for Glory, are making a new game series,

You may now squee.
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  • Extensive interview about Hero-U is now up on
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    Also liking the new look!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Yup... but they're crawling at agonizing 6,000 a day. This is not the speed they're looking for.
  • Although Space Quest 3 was my first adventure game, I picked up a copy of Hero’s Quest later that year. Hero’s Quest was my first experience in RPGs and my definitive experience in fantasy. I will never forget the cover to that game.
    I played the Quest for Glory games for several years and it was always my secret indulgence. I had some friends who played D&D, but I was always afraid to play because of my propagandized ignorance of the game. I was in my school library one day in 1994 when I noticed a paperback novel left on a table. The cover caught my attention. The red dragon in the background looked very similar to the cover of Hero’s Quest. I checked out Dragons of Autumn Twilight and the rest is history. I started reading fantasy novels like crazy, my friends noticed my interest in fantasy and invited me to play D&D, and I remain an avid fan of fantasy and RPG to this day. I even DM a 3.5 edition campaign of Dragonlance which you can read about on our wiki!
    For me, Quest for Glory was a catalyst for fun, excitement, and socialization far beyond what the series offered in hours of playtime. I owe a lot to the Cole’s for their creative influence throughout the Quest for Glory series. This Kickstarter is my opportunity to repay the enjoyment they have provided me both monetarily and with zealous support!

    Torchino Motorino

    "What good is knowledge and wisdom if you can't use it?" -Erasmus
  • RE: Darth Marsden / Chyron8472 / Vainamoinen etc - interesting comments.

    The way I see it is that a backer either respects the guys who invented QFG (western RPG/adventure hybrid) or is willing to trust them on reputation. Kickstarters generally gain and maintain momentum because of their original fan base. In this case the original fan base has diversified, as QFG adventure elements were integrated into mainstream RPGs - and so is less able to be made aware of the mother cry. Pretty much every guy into RPG I grew up with has heard of and played QFG - they even incorporated characters into their D&D games (which I rarely played). If they could be contacted more easily, then the KS campaign wouldn't be worrying as much about convincing all of you respectable ladies/gents.

    This is not just about respect for the fact was QFG good (yes it is worthy to be replicated), but for what they invented in the series - ie their creative capacity to ground break/integrate new genres - to mold in depth of character, atmosphere, social education, comedy, philosophy, custom rpg (notice they avoided D&D discrete leveling in QFG; quantisation that has no representation in the real world)...

    Regarding the emphasis on their School, this is actually an example of what Lori Ann and Corey Cole do. They innovate; they teach. Who else is taking RPG gamers out of their chairs, and giving hope to the world? Perhaps that is what makes high fantasy what it is (and not just another form of escapism).

    If they had the funding then they could add the graphics (which everyone would like to see), but they are not ever going to sacrifice game play.

    Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption +1
  • You know i'm not too worried about the graphics. You guys do have some good points but I am looking forward to innovation, story and the uniqueness of the game.
    I loved the graphics of Diablo but since it was kind of repetitive I never really played Diablo 2, even though I read many great things about it.

    I really hope they can get to their goal and maybe even before the final deadline!!

    Here's a recent blog post about this on which has some good points as well -
  • preview art from Eriq:

  • Must be awkward to use the computer with all those game boxes in the way.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    This will be hell of a close call. But I do still think they can make it.

    In any case, PayPal option won't be up before the kickstarter ends - I do hope they're still taking slacker backers afterwards (yes, they told me on the DF forums that this is the term to be used).

    edit: Look at it this way - the Shadowrun Online miracle could still happen.
  • Only 2 days left now and $65k left to the goal, we need all the help we can get now! Please consider pledging to help the Coles make a comeback in the adventure gaming business, I bet there are more than me here who would really like to see that become a reality.
    If you already have pledged, you can always raise your pledge :) (and/or spread the word about this Kickstarter)

    Thank you!


    New redesigned homepage:
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