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Hard Christmas time

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This will be my first ever Christmas with out my Grandma and its really hard and I know there are a lot of members who have lost someone this past year. So I thought I should make a thread where we could support and or vent our feelings about Christmas when everyone is all :D for the holiday and its hard to show your sad or depressed when ppl are psyched for it.
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  • Immature I know but knowing I'm getting this makes me feel better about Christmas.
  • I've never done Christmas and while I love the elements within it, I don't like the holiday by itself.
  • I love Christmas. I love the decor, the warm feeling, the season. What I hate is what the media has done to it.
  • Noname215;721651 said:
    I love Christmas. I love the decor, the warm feeling, the season. What I hate is what the media has done to it.
    Yes, yes, a thousand times YES.
  • I'm afraid I never liked Christmas.
  • I used to love Christmas but ill admit I'm kind of meh about it now.

    We still do it because its also on the same day as my autistic little brothers birthday and we'll all be damned if he doesn't get double presents! XD
    (And all the Christmas trimmings. He loves it and he deserves it.)

    Me? I just get stuff for myself anyway these days. Seems like a pointless exchange and we would be better off trying to save some money really.
  • I like singing for the Christmas church service because the music's better. But I always have a hard time figuring out what to get for people. Because really, they have all the things they need and anything I get them ends up being a dust collector. My brother is easy. I just get him something I want and he'll probably like it. Everyone else? They don't like things I like and so I end up getting things that I think merge with their interests that I think are kinda cool.

    Then everyone gives me clothes in return. It's almost like they're trying to send a message. Like they're trying to say that now that I'm a working adult I should have a more professional wardrobe than thirty T-shirts and three pairs of jeans. I dunno.
  • Until a few years ago, I spent I believe every Christmas day at my grand-grandmother's, where she would serve dinner. I think it ended when she passed away.
  • Darth Marsden;721912 said:
    Yes, yes, a thousand times YES.
    I’m a religious person, so that’s one of the factors towards that, how it totally derives from what the purpose of the holiday is and is instead used as commercialism as a cash pool. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole Santa Claus, Christmas Trees and all that stuff, but it’s not what Christmas is about.
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