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TWD: Episode 3 stuck at intro

posted by ReaperZ on - last edited - Viewed by 485 users

umm i've just finished the first two episodes and i clicked on the 3rd, the problem is i'm stuck at black screen , in the upper left corner says: Telltale games Presents.

i can hear the background sounds such as ravens, sound of the wind, flies , etc, what am i supposed to do to get the episode working?
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  • Try deleting episode 3 and re-downloading it?If you have the season pass then try drleting the game then re-downloading
  • i am having the same problem. I deleted episode 3 and redownloaded it and it didn't help.

    I'm worried if I delete the entire game it will come up without all the data from the first two games. Whenever you delete anything on apple products it always says you will lose all your data. Do the decisions I make in the game stay in the cloud
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    No, if you remove your game all your saves will be removed as well. If you are loading to a black screen, please try shutting down the game application and restarting your device. Please leave it off for a minute so the cache can clear. After restarting the device, try to load your save. If you still encounter a black screen, try starting Episode 3 on its own from an available slot. If the episode loads without issue, then your initial save is more than likely corrupted and will be unusuable. The only other thing to try would be to rewind into the first checkpoint in Episode 3 and see if that allows you to play. If you do not have an Ep 3 checkpoint available, please rewind into the final scene in Ep 2, finish the episode again, and then try to launch Episode 3.
  • I'm getting the same exact error and I've finished episode 3 before. I'm getting this error on my second playthrough. And I tried what Mattp suggested but it didn't work.
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