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Is the boat really a good idea?

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Well is it? Where are they going to go? They can't just drift off to nowhere. Chuck mentioned it before. Getting on the boat and their plan while on it?

Especially since Kenny lost his wife and kid. He seemed to focus everything on a boat but no plans while on it.

What do you guys think? Is there another way besides the boat?
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  • They're screwed, no matter what, in my opinion.

    Though, if they had an actual destination in mind... like a small island... it might not be a bad idea.
  • I've mentioned it in another thread, Kenny's original boat might have worked but this piece of crap, open topped boat is death. I also agree that without a real plan the boat (either Kenny's fishing boat or this deathtrap) would fail without a plan to reach some destination unless it was a sailboat and could move without fuel.

    I don't like this small and UN-seaworthy.
  • I think the boat may turn out irrelevant. Kenny is most likely going to die half way through the game, god knows Ben and Omid are screwed. How are they going to get the boat to the water at that point, and Lee is bit?
  • Dildor wrote: »
    I think the boat may turn out irrelevant.

    Yeah, the boat seems to have served its purpose, having moved the plot along: forcing the group to explore Crawford. I don't see it having much impact on the rest of the storyline. Well, maybe a snapshot of Kenny sailing off into the sunset at the end.

    I like Kenny, I've had his back when it mattered, but the boat idea was just as risky as any other plan that could have been concocted. But then again, if he had gone ahead with his plan from the beginning instead of dragging his heels at the motel, his family may still be with him.
    Oh, I don't know, there doesn't seem to be any good life strategy when the world goes to shit.
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    They can't cross from sea with a little boat
  • I already made a fan art about it (boat gets in flames:)), you can find it under the thread- "NO TIME LEFT- New Fan Art From Me ;)" if you are interested.

    I think they won't be able to use that boat. I don't now, just I'm not with it. Maybe Kenny will be dead, or some accident may occur?
    Just a feeling.
  • Didn't Kenny's voice actor say he was almost done recording and he still didn't know what happened to Clementine? He also said "some of us don't make it" yep he dies halfway through bet on it.
  • DreadMagus wrote: »
    They're screwed, no matter what, in my opinion.

    Though, if they had an actual destination in mind... like a small island... it might not be a bad idea.

    Heh, Dawn of the Dead much? I watched it yesterday and although the movie was good I felt like the ending lacked something... I hope it doesn't feel the same way when this game ends... well, based on how TTG handled the game so far, though, I don't think I'll be disappointed.

    Edit: I realized I didn't really write anything related to the thread itself, lol. Anyhow, I agree the boat isn't the best idea. But judging by their situation in Savannah, with the horde and shit, I think it's their best bet to get somewhere else, and maybe try to find a community or even start one. Too bad no one on the group has farming skills, it makes it a lot easier to settle down.
  • As I've said elsewhere, if you anchor it just off the harbour then it offers some safety and a location near to supplies. It can also draw the walkers into the water and off the land.
  • Title says it all? Do you think the plan of getting on the boat and sailing along the coast, picking up supplies is a good idea? Is it possible and is it safe? Is it better for them to just try to secure a area of Savannah and live there?

    Most of time spent away from walkers (hopefully they cant swim!)
    Best way of escaping walker horde and walkie talkie guy and possible allies in Savannah
    Safer way of travelling than on foot/veichle
    Possibility of finding a safe island

    Vulnerable to weather
    Vulnerable to gunfire from coasts
    The boat will probably attract bandits and even other desperate survivors
    Limited capacity, cant take on other survivors or even too much supplies.
    The coast supply runs will be dangerous, they will be looting entirely new areas instead of the same general area.

    I think the boat may not be the safest idea but its their best chance of getting out of Savannah and finding an actually safe place, controlled by other survivors or even the military. What do you guys think?
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