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Do you let Vernon take Clem?

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In Ep 4; Vernon talks to you about taking Clementine and keeping her safe, did you agree with Vernon or did you disagree
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  • HELL NO!
    I told him to walk away and fuck himself
  • Yeah, I told him to fuck himself too. No way in hell is anyone going to take Clementine, even her own parents... well mayybe..
  • Some old guy you just met and within a couple of hours he is offering to take her off your hands like she is a piece of property. No thanks. I said it before. The guy is old, he may be a doctor but the rest of those patients did not look like winning athletes. And I'd hate to keep wondering what would happen to Clementine when they eventually succumb to living underground.
  • Nah, I told him to walk away. If Lee does die though, I'm entrusting Vernon and his group to look after Clem.
  • I chose the option: I need time to think about it, because, in reality, I did need time to think about it. If you take into consideration the fact your group hasn't really got a solid a plan - just a boat. And the alternative being Vernon's people: a seemingly grounded, well supplied group with a qualified doctor in charge, does seem like a reasonable option.

    If you chose to tell Vernon to straight up F*$k himself, in my opinion, you were being completely selfish. Even if you argue that Clemtine would want to stay with you, and I did reason thus myself. Still, to make such an impulsive decision based entirely on your own affection and without any logical thought is totally self-centered and irresponsible.

    In retrospect, you could maybe justify such a rash decision, given the shadiness surrounding Vernon's disappearance, and the willingness of your own group to step up to help search for Clem. But that's all in hindsight,,,

    To be honest, I chose to think about it, but I was almost 95% certain I was taking Clem no matter what. It was only the faintest tinge of self-doubt which made me hesitate, otherwise I may have told Vernon to "F*$k himself" too.
    I was hoping to ask my own group for their input, thinking I had time, but that's a luxury the game doesn't allow for. And by the end of the episode, I don't think the choice I made, or rather the lack of one, really mattered anyway.

    I would be interested to hear from someone who played the game honestly, and chose to let Vernon take Clem away: why?
  • Vernon is another in a string of presumtuous assholes who question Lee's abilities without knowing anything about him.

    Getting a little tired of that line...
  • In my douche Lee playthrough I told him to go f*** himself. In my kind/moral Lee playthrough, I said that I needed some time to think.
  • Never.
    It's actually more safe for Clem to stay with the group.
    I don't like the thought of Clem staying with a bunch of sick old people in a tiny room in the middle of a zombie infested, holed up, maze-like sewer which can be slightly difficult to hide in/escape from.
  • She would run off to find us. Its her decision where she stays as she showed. she would be bored, lonely and sad. And lets face it Vernon doesnt seem the loving guardian she needs.
  • Never! I would never let her stay with cancer patients that could die any moment, and leave her alone. Plus there's a herd of zombies outside and I suspect that a bunch of old and sick people could save her.
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