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Corrupted Wish

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Here's a new game for you guys! It's called Corrupted Wish, and here's how it works:
The person above (that would be me, thank you) makes a wish, and then the next person tells how the wish goes wrong, and then makes their own, and so on. Please try to keep it appropriate, and don't argue. I'll start.

I wish I had a million dollars.
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  • Granted...

    The woman that turns up at your door a few second from now is a real stunner. She has her own rake and a pile of garbage bags, and she insists on doing the work in a bikini, no matter the weather. You go out on to the porch while she does the work and get to talking.

    You find out that you share an awful lot of interests. She's in to computer games and loves posting on forums. You ask her out on a date, and she smiles an accepts.

    A few nights from now, you head out to a fancy restaurant. You received a bit of a cash windfall the day before from an unexpected distant relative who died. You're not sad because you never met them. You eat and talk more and she turns out to be perfect for you. Afterwards, you head on to a bar, and somehow she convinces you to go out dancing.

    In the club, your impressive moves are noticed by a guy that works for a company that makes music videos for famous recording artists. It turns out that [Insert attractive famous female singer here] is making a music video and needs a guy just like you. Your new lady-friend is impressed enough by your moves and psyched about meeting some famous people that she offers to come along.

    On the day of the shoot you get talking to this famous singer, and you introduce her to your new friend (for arguments sake, her name is Candy, because why not.) They get along like a house on fire. Moments later Scarlett Johansen shows up too.

    Hours pass. You guys are all chatting and laughing away, when the conversation inevitably turns to the bad-thing. Excited, you see an opportunity to score a mythical 4-way. You end up in Scarlett's trailer, and everything is going well, but then at the crucial moment, your Linus falls off.

    I wish I was a cyborg.
  • Granted, You turn into Cyborg from Teen Titans and join them. But then you are hacked and the Teen Titans have to save you.

    I wish Archie's Sonic Comics came to the UK.
  • Granted. But the creators decide the comics need something new to attract more people, so they add Barney to the comic.

    I wish I had a horse.
  • Granted. You get a new girlfriend.

    I wish that Santa Claus was real so I didn’t have to lie to my little nephew every year.
  • Noname215;722373 said:
    Granted. You get a new girlfriend.

    I wish that Santa Claus was real so I didn’t have to lie to my little nephew every year.
    Oh dear God, hahahahaha. My husband would love that one.

    Granted. Santa gets stuck in your chimney and dies.

    I wish people weren't such crappy drivers.
  • Granted. As a result, 99.99% of the population of San Francisco vanishes. The remaining people are white neighbors.

    I wish durka hurka urka durk.
  • Granted. But the wish almost made no sense, so it is invalid.

    I wish my car never broke down.
  • Granted. Instead it blew up.

    I wish Hollywood would stop with remakes like Robocop, Short Circuit, The Rocketeer, and now Flight of the Navigator.
  • Granted. Hollywood hires a robot to think up 800 movies starring Adam Sandler and no other films are made for a long long time.

    I wish I had another heater.
  • Granted. You get a heater that takes up all the room in your home.

    I wish I was finished with my shopping.
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