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Do you still have morals?

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When you play your version of Lee, does your Lee still have morals as a sane human being and do you try to become a better man then you were before the ZA?
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  • I do. In my opinion, i consider morals to be especially important in a ravaged world such as a zombie apocalypse.

    Without morals, i think there would be a "snowball effect" of sorts, where you start off with minor things like stealing food, then one thing leads to another and you end up killing your own group to further your needs or something along those lines.

    I think that without morals, we would become exactly like the St. Johns.
  • Yup. My Lee is all about being good. My Lee is actually trying to redeem himself for killing a person. Well, you all know who. Um.. Ambassador? I forgot. So, Yeah. Nice Lee For the win.
  • but of course. How else would I play?
  • If i'm going to die i'm going to die a good man, hopefully with whoever I can save (not going to be clementine or Kenny) and it's very possible also that Ben will be the only survivor, knowing TWD.
  • I think so. Lee puts the members of his group first, does not lie or steal. However, he does seem to kill an inordinate amount of people. All killings were approved of course. A couple of cannibals, crazy lady, a traitor, bandits and two mercy killings. I think he's okay.... he did not shoot Irene if that helps.
  • I make all my decisions perfectly and Don't leave anyone behind or purposely let anyone die
    So far the only people I helped kill are the Woman in episode 3 I took Duck after he had killed Me as a zombie and took zombie boy
    I also episode 2 failed to save bear trap guy but that is because I ran out of time

    But other than that I have done my best
  • My Lee puts the group ahead. Never lies, steals, threatens, or kills people without reason. Although the body count's a bit high, my Lee has never killed anyone without a good reason, and for the safety of the group.
  • My Lee still has morals. I've only killed exactly seven people, I keep count. All of those kills were justified. I killed five bandits that were attacking the motor inn, Duck before reanimation for Kenny, and finally before the ZA but it still counts, the senator. But, my Lee is slowly losing his humanity. After episode 3, when we lost the motor inn, after Lily killed Carly and I left Lily for dead, and after I killed Duck, then I threatened to kill Ben. Lee has been trying to keep his morals in check, but in episode five, he may just say "Fuck it".
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