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Questions for the Walking Dead team!

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Hey guys, I know it's still early days on this project, and we're a ways off from talking about anything concrete, but it seemed like as good a time as any to start an official Q&A thread!

In all honesty there isn't a lot we can talk about yet -- we were going to do press for the game at PAX East last month, but held off when we realized that our answer to almost any conceivable standard press question would be "no comment, yet" -- but I trust you guys to rise above the standard questions, and come up with some Walking Dead stuff we can discuss, so have at it. Ask away!
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  • hmm changing to different location would be interesting would love to see this going to Oklahoma in tornado alley. weather in Oklahoma would be both freezing in winter and extremely hot in summer not to mention threats of tornado's. having that in season 2 would change the dynamic of the game. also who wouldn't want to see a horde of zombies getting swept up in a tornado lol.
  • wonder how the dead heads do in hurricane sandy
  • Bcroft;719025 said:
    wonder how the dead heads do in hurricane sandy
    I was wondering this also. Every year parts of The U.S. gets hit by big storms, be it hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, brush fires, etc. Wouldn't those clear out a good deal of Zombies? (though periodically) May also take out a lot of the scarce living also.

    Sandy would have wiped out a lot of those Zombies heading to the East Coast.
  • First off, thanks for making such a great game! I am really interested in the whole zombie thing but am also a fraidy-cat so games like Left 4 Dead, while cool, just are too scary for me xD but this game is awesome and more about the choices you make which really drew me in! I'm the kind of person who watches a lot of LPs but they actually convinced me to buy the game myself and I can hardly wait to play episode 5 because it'll be the only one I go into "blind."

    First question, will any old characters/things (like the RV) make an appearance in episode 5?

    Second, given that it's almost 99% not Vernon on the walkie, then will we find out what happened to his group?

    Third, is Lee's past in the past now that the other characters know about it or are we going to find out more?

    I know these are heavy questions and probably too spoilery to be answered but I can hope, right? :D
  • Why is this topic still active? it was made 2 years ago
  • DrChem;722386 said:
    Why is this topic still active? it was made 2 years ago
    Probably because they continued to answer questions. It used to be stickied i think, but not anymore for some reason.
  • Does the Telltale engine need an upgrade? How much do you modify it between each series?
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