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Law and Order - FAILURE TO DOWNLOAD - Ipad Mini

posted by MishArsenal on - last edited - Viewed by 673 users

There seem to be many threads here going back to the launch of iOS6 where people are complaining about Law and Order Legacies episodes having issues downloading, but there aren't any resolutions

I'm having the same issue - I fell in love with the Walking Dead (Ep 1-4), and I went ahead and purchased Law and Order today for my new ipad mini - I bought the multipack for 13$, and cannot download any of the episodes beyond episode 1 that comes with the app

Every single time it says Failure to Download - check internet connection - I deleted the app, reinstalled it, restarted my iPad (tried almost everything), but to no avail. I even went to a friends house and tried on his 50 MB connection (I have 20 MB, and that's plenty fast) - every single time it gives me the same error. Usually the error comes in after 30% (sometimes it goes up to 60%, sometimes upto 98%, but it fails every single time before completion)

I'm fed up and annoyed - I can't find a solution online, and I don't know what to do. I would appreciate it if someone from TTG or a kind samaritan could guide me, because I'm at my wits end.

Because it's an in app purchase, I can't download it on my mac, and my only option is to DL it from the game on the ipad itself, and it's failing every time - it can't be an internet connection problem because I have tried it at 2 different locations (my house and my friends house - we are on different ISPs too) - It makes no sense.

I am properly logged into my account, and have no issues with my other TTG games, and when downloading the episodes that fail, there is no other app active on my ipad except Law and Order to ensure system resources are available.

Please help!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please shut down your device, wait a minute for the cache to clear, and then restart the device. Make sure you are logged into the iTunes account that purchased the game and then try the download again.
  • Dear Matt

    I have tried what you recommended, but to no avail. I left my ipad off for an hour and tried it, only to have the same problem. Then I left my iPad off overnight, and tried in the morning, only to have the same issue again. It usually stops around 90% the first time, and around 50% each subsequent time.

    I have ensured that I'm logged in on my itunes account, and it makes no difference.

    Please help me find a solution to this, or please put me in touch with someone who can refund me (they can verify via my account that none of the episodes 2-7 have been downloaded on any of my devices).

    I'm dissapointed that this issue has been on the forums for 2 months now, and there has been no fix put out there - turning the iPad on and off doesn't help, and any of the suggestions in this or other threads are any good.

    Again, please help me find a solution, or please contact me via PM to advise me on how to get a refund. I am extremely disappointed, and after loving the Walking Dead, I am sad that TTG cannot provide a good user experience on its other titles.

    I really don't want a refund and would like to have the issue resolved so I can play the game!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are still investigating this issue. If you keep trying the download, it will eventually succeed. Restarting your device to clear the cache is a guarantee, but it should help. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to inquire about a refund, please contact iTunes Support for further assistance.
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