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"Campman", Mercy or no mercy

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(this poll will close on the 20th)
will you give him mercy for stealing a little girl?
(the fourth choice is supposed to be: maybe not, maybe I'll kill him) :(
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  • DoubleMatt1;722489 said:
    He Essentially got Lee bit and most likely killed
    and Depending on how Clemmy was under his "Care" will decide the bastard's fate
    This is what I wanted to say. Without that guy messing with Clem on the radio, she wouldn't have run away, Lee wouldn't have gotten bit, etc..
  • I don't give a shit if he hurts Clem or not. Fuck her, I just want Lee's kill list to go higher.
  • If he's a nice guy I might give him mercy. Though I highly doubt it, but it could be that he (if he did) kidnap Clementine, Maybe he was looking to find her a better place. Could be. Time will tell...
  • Only if necessary...

    I won't risk Clem for a kidnapper
    And if he doesn't beg for mercy
    If he doesn't apolagise
    If he doesn't promise to leave us alone
    If he doesn't have a valid reason
    If he gives me no choice
    I will not risk Clem and I will not let him be a risk to anyone else
    but also I will not risk Clem over a Vandetta
    and if best for Clem...
    will spare him
    Or hopefully give him a ...
  • He's dead already to me.

    Fucking got me bit :D
  • Depends on how he treats Clem and how the confrntation between him and Lee goes. If he threatens to hurt her, I've got a 9mm round with his name on it. If not he can go his way AFTER releasing Clem.
  • Obviously as of right now you would kill him but if you really think tt is going to let the backstory of this mysterious man go untold, youre wrong. And chances are there is some redeeming quality about him and herego I said maybe.
  • If Clem is unharmed, If he lets her go, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for him. I will not pursue him.

    If he doesn't let her go, I will look for him. I will find him.

    And I will kill him.

    Nah in all seriousness I voted maybe because I was wondering if Lee & co. had maybe misunderstood his intentions somehow, but I think it unlikely. He'll have some unjust justification for his actions but he'll probably have to die.
  • Now that I think about it, TellTale will probably give him some sort of redeeming value that will even out the % of players who chose to kill him or not.
  • I'm pretty confident I'm going to kill him. Abducting or taking or coercing Clem to go with him is what got me bit. I am dead because of him, so it's only fair he joins me.
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