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Hilarious VIDEO - Scumbag Lee Compilation

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Hey guys, took me 40 hours on this video.
Give me some love?
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  • TWDFTW;710896 said:
    So funny, but I hated it when Clem said 'don't I get a vote?' And Lee was like 'No!' It was kinda sad. I know I don't want be arsehole lee cuz it's horrible.

    I done an arsehole Lee playthrough. I actually found some parts very hard to be an arsehole :(
    But in that playthrough when I said 'No!' to Clemmy I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know why but I found the way he said it very funny :p
  • "Goddammit, it's locked!"....
    "Fuck, it'S still locked."

  • Fantastic work, i could never be scumbag Lee even if i tried, so it's great to be able to see what happens. :)

    It would have been hilarious(albeit odd) if you could close the train door after you tell them to run!

    One minor thing is that i wanted the individual sections to go on a bit longer so we could see how the characters react to lee's lines. Like in the train station when you say "none of your business" we don't even see Christa's response.

    That's just a small thing though, great work on this!
  • I have a nice Lee but still chose a couple of those options...

    I did push Omid and fought Kenny
  • "Run!".........."Run!".........."Run!"
  • My favourite part was the argument outside the RV with Carley/Lilly:

    "I think she probably did it"
    "Lee, what the fuck?"

    I burst out laughing, just seems so out of character like other things in that video, it's great. I have to do a bad playthrough soon, I also liked the bit where Lee wouldn't help Christa and Omid, when Clementine said "Like shit, right Lee?" and when Lee started shooting Clementine.
  • Pretty funny shit.
  • dubesor;699081 said:
    Hey guys, took me 40 hours on this video.
    Give me some love?
    That was freaking awesome, I practically coughed up a lung from laughing so hard!
  • The scenes with the cancer survivors were incredible, can't imagine many people have managed to take that route.
  • "I guess I probably know everything. Being a little girl and all" Clem has some witty lines sometimes.
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