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Lee's fate. (SPOILERS)

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As soon as lee was bitten, why didn't he frantically search for an axe or something, to chop off his arm? He just seemed to accept his fate, when I'm pretty sure he could have found something which would suffice, had he bothered looking. Exactly how long could Lee have left the infection, before it was too late? How quick does it spread? Is it too late for Lee to do anything about in episode 5?

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  • He did cut off that guy's leg in order to try and save him in Ep 2 (if you chose that). However the guy didn't maybe he thought better of it?
  • God damn it Lee, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GET BIT?
  • God damn it Lee, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GET BIT?

    It makes for good drama. ;)
  • When I played Episode 4 I never knew he could amputate his arm to stop the infection. I watched the TV episode the next day, couldn't believe it. I felt like if I knew I could've saved Lee!
  • Yeah, I believed that once Lee met Vernon again in episode 5 and confronted him about his bite, Vernon would tell him to chop his arm off with a meat cleaver or something. But from the new screenshot, it's not looking good.
  • Not even that Lee doesnt know the method. But why is everyone insisting he could cut off his arm. First off and realistically the chances of surviving cutting off a limb so violently is only high in movies. Think of the pain and blood loss. I rather just take my fate and wait it out or have someone shoot me right before I turn.
  • Why does everyone keep using the screenshot as evidence? it chould easily be lighting for the reason Lee's pale.. I did a second playthrough and theres multiple times Lee had that exact same "Pale Look" Alot being in episode 1 So that pretty much eliminates THAT possiblity.

    Plus Kirkman never stated it was the b ite that killed you, Just the infection, the bite is VERY minor (Just three scratches) So he might have longer than normal, and might have a chance to chop off his arm in "Mercy" The achivement picture looks like lee holding his ampuated arm.

    I'm not giving up hope yet. Rub it in my face as much as you want when the episode is out and done with. I am still holding hope Lee can make it through this.
  • stevean2 wrote: »
    The achivement picture looks like lee holding his ampuated arm.

    Wrong arm, Chief.
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