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Who picked Lee solo or Lee and Ben?

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I really want to know.
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  • Everyone... Im going to regret it.
  • Dragash1;723415 said:
    Everyone... Im going to regret it.
    I feel ya, man. Brought everyone except Kenny, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna feel like shit when they die because I asked for their help.
  • Everyone that was still alive, I tried to go on my own but Christa and Omid invited themselves and since they were coming Kenny came as well.
  • In my canon playthrough, I hid the bite and I went on my own. Figured it was the most courageous thing to do, rather than burden the group and potentially endanger them if I were to turn. Besides, more people to guard the boat can't be a bad thing.

    In my non-canon playthrough though (whereby I make decisions I might have made differently in hindsight) I showed the bite and brought everyone except Ben, who I left to guard the boat. Praying he doesn't fuck it up.
  • I really wish I could go with just Ben and Kenny, but I don't want to be so heartless to Christa and Omid...
  • My whole group came (Ben too). Since Lee is bit & also about to die at least I want to die knowing Clementine will stay safe or she will die next to me...
  • I went with everyone:
    christa and omid came without saying anything
    Kenny too
    Ben too
  • Took everyone.

    Wonder if those left behind will actually survive, while those that you do take die. That would suck ):
  • On my main I went solo. Didn't show the bite and asked for no help. It just felt right at the time.

    So then on my "best possible choices" alt I went everyone but Ben. Figured it would be smart to leave someone behind to watch the boat... even if it was him.
  • I have 3 playthrough going:
    In one, I took everyone
    In another, I was a douche to everyone so no one came.
    and in the last I went with everyone except Ben.
    I might do another playthrough were I just take Ben with me though
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