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Is the boat really a good idea?

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Well is it? Where are they going to go? They can't just drift off to nowhere. Chuck mentioned it before. Getting on the boat and their plan while on it?

Especially since Kenny lost his wife and kid. He seemed to focus everything on a boat but no plans while on it.

What do you guys think? Is there another way besides the boat?
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  • I think the boat is a good idea for the moment, if only to get out of the general area. Overall, I think their best bet for survival is to realize no place is safe, and that they should always have 2 or 3 escape plans whenever they settle into an area. I don't think they'll be able to stay in one place permanently, because it's only a matter of time before it would either get overrun by walkers or noticed by other survivors who would do them harm either out of malice or desparation.

    EDIT:I just noticed there's another thread for this here:
  • I think it is, For now atleast. They could probably find an island somewhere (hopefully, that is) and settle there. Like a little colony. Then they could raid a nearby city (if there's one nearby) for supplies and that... It's a good idea for now. Let us wait.
  • For now it is. Find an island, raid nearby areas for supplies... damn. If there isn't anything nearby they can just go and get eaten by the infected, For what I care.
  • Why did you make this thread after I made one with the almost exact same title...?
  • I think the ideal situation would be to find some deserted island with wildlife, pineapples and whatnot to live on for the time being. I'd agree thats its really wishful thinking, but traveling in a boat is definately going to be safer than traveling by road. I just hope they dont get stranded on the way there. That...would be bad.
  • Implemented correctly the boat could be a very good idea. As long as they stay within sight of the coast and use the motor sparingly, they could have a great escape vehicle. I'd prefer for them to go up and down the coast scavenging for supplies, or stop at an area that they think might be safe and stay there. They'd always have the boat for a quick getaway, but live on land and use the boat sparingly. Kenny at least knows the waters around Florida, and probably a few small port towns they could camp outside of and raid for supplies when they needed to.

    But actually living on the boat would be a terrible idea. It can't hold many people or supplies and fuel would be harder to find as time goes on. The boat is less of a permanent solution than it is an ace in the hole for when things get too rough where the group is staying.
  • lilTomTom wrote: »
    Why did you make this thread after I made one with the almost exact same title...?

    Well, really, it lacks the word really so is it really the same almost exact thread? :cool:
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    I think the boat's a good idea to get out of Georgia, but it's definitely not a permanent solution. It's also very worrisome that the lights were on when they took the battery out of the car. It's probably not the best charged battery around. I really hope the boat has a set of oars in it, just in case.
  • I agree with most people here.
    The boat was a bad idea to begin with. It was just stupid to go into Savannah and search for a boat. But since now there's nothing to change about their situation, the boat might as well be the best thing they've got right now. Use it to get out of Savannah and then get a better idea.
  • I dont think anyone is getting on that boat. I just have a feeling.
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