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Who's coming with you?

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I've got Christa, Omid and Ben. Kenny said no, I told him I needed him, and he still said no.

Bit worried about my little group. Christa has proved to be pretty handy with a gun, but I haven't seen Omid do anything yet, and Ben is known for screwing everything up.

What about you guys?
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  • Everyone came with me. I was going to tell Kenny to f*ck off because he was acting like an idiot but clem is gone! I don't want her to die or anything so I took everyone, even that dopey Ben.
  • I would love to know who made Lee go by himself or who made Lee go with Ben only. I just beat the game again this morning with everyone but Kenny and the highest choice was Lee and Kenny only with 18%. It was 2% before so that was a shocker.
  • I got Christa, Omid and Ben. But after watching Episode 8 of Playing Dead, for some reason I've second guessing myself, I really shouldn't have brought anyone with me. If any of them die, I'm gonna blame myself for asking for their help, especially if it's Ben. I should've known better than to let myself get attached to him, dammit. Ugh, I should've just gone by myself instead of asking people to risk themselves for Clem >.<
  • When Christa asked what I needed from them, I said I'll go alone. They disagreed with me and Christa and Omid said they'd help me. I got the neutral Kenny speech and I told him I needed him. Then he says I'm only looking out for myself (I still respect the guy, he's just troubled.). I turn to Ben, and I told him to decide. He said I was always nice to him which made me raise up my fist in victory, and the four of us went off the save Clem...
  • I got everyone. The only one Im not sure about though is Kenny because of the way he's already left me out to dry a few times. I dont trust him. Im hoping in ep 5 he can redeem himself for me.
  • The whole group (including Ben too) is coming with me.

    Since Lee got bit and has low chances of survival I won't care if the whole group would die through what will happen in Episode 5, knowing 5 people gaved their life for probally the rarest thing in The Walking Dead universe.
  • Ive got just BEN
    Just kidding i got everyone but ben
  • I've got everyone in my group. I was honestly surprised at this. At the moment, my only concerns were about Lee's bite.
  • Christa,Omid ( No matter what i say they insist on coming) and Kenny(only with the family dialogue) dropped Ben for gooooooood :D
  • christa and omid love my lee for some reason so they insist on coming with me, got the bros for life speech without even asking kenny bros till the end! and i even decided to bring that damned ben kid, i figured he has alot to make up for all i know is iam willing to lay down my life and the lives of my friends for clemmy :D
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