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Who Makes it Out Alive?

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sorry if someone posted this before but just think that it is very unlikely EVERYONE dies. I personally think one of Christa and Omid dies (almost defenitely Omid w/ his leg). Ben will risk his life for someone.

Overall the final group I have is Clementine, Christa, and Kenny. Ill actually be surprised if Kenny dies but we'll see.

Edit: really surprised at how many people think Ben will survive. I dont see TT making the extra effort to keep him alive for those that killed him.
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  • kirby18;723662 said:
    I dont see that happening unless TT pulls the "unexpected" card which is highly likely. So not sure if I agree or disagree with you if you get what im saying. But as of right now you HAVE to think Omid is a goner as in the group will be running he'll fall or something and tell the group to go on without him.
    The walking dead is cruel to pregnant women. I think Omid will take care of Clem after Christa and Lee die. Lose a child gain a child type thing.

    It will start all over for Clem. She loses parental figure, guy who likes history and has a hurt leg takes care of her.
  • Everyone except lee (maybe radioman). If Lee isn't going to survive this bit, I'm going to have him make sure he gets the rest of the group somewhere safer. Of course, I'm in denial, and I'm sure there are some, maybe a lot, of deaths coming up D:
  • Where's the option for no-one?
  • Im affraid nobody will survive. But im hoping for Clem and Omid ( will be a 2nd Lee) and Christa maybe.
  • I think Clem, Christa, and Omid will survive. I don't why it just seems right. I don't see the use in Kenny anymore because he really has nothing to live for. Lee is a goner for sure. And I think Ben will sacrafice himself for the group. Christa and Omid could adopt Clem as their own it seems like they are good parents and really want a kid.
  • Can't vote - so I'll use that as my vote.

    Everyone dies.
  • I think Ben will die in episode five. Considering how you had the option to kill him off, I'm pretty sure Telltale wouldn't make him go past the first season. If you brought him along I'm sure he will sacrifice himself for Clem.

    If you leave him at the boat with Kenny I think Kenny may kill him or Walkers get to them and Kenny leaves him for dead intentionally. If Ben was alone at the boat he may probably get killed by the Walkers either way.

    Campmann may either die by Lee, or die by the walkers. The trophy mercy kinda implies that too.

    Lee may die too so they can start a season two fresh, and Clem may return to her parents at the end of chapter five. Vernon probably realised it may not be worth taking Clem or was in a hurry and left on the train with his group, never to be seen again like Andre, Chet (If the morning), Glenn, Lilly, and Herschel. (Though the last three were seen in the show which the game supposedly has the same chronology of.)

    Omid may have died saving Christie. The next generation of life may still continue thanks to people like Christie. At the end of episode 5, the surviving members realize that Georgia is not the only infected place, but the whole world. Presumably, they all go off on their separate ways (Christie trying to find a way back to California, which Vernon MAY return to tell her that he too has plans to go there or near there for whatever reason). Kenny seemed to REALLY want to go off by boat, probably to an island or some sort that Duck and/or Katjaa wanted to go too. This is my guess, and Kenny goes off in memory of them both.

    With that said, I have strong feelings that season two will feature a different cast yet again, with a small cameo or two like Telltale usually does. Some characters from the show may also appear like season one, and I truly believe Molly and/or Lilly may be a few of the returning cast members.
  • I agree, everyone except Clem will probably die.
    Maybe one of the adults will remain alive.

    And about Lee, I think Telltale may "not show" his fate to us. I mean, imagine they'll seperate at some point, away from each other out of reach. One last eye contact with Lee and Clem and this is all goodbye. Remember the final scene of Terminator 2. There may be some emotional scene like it (but without death part)...

    "Group" is forced to continue and Lee fades away in the distance with many walkers...

    And if this happens; I suppose he'll appear in Season 2 as a badass walker by some manner. He may also appear at first scene of first episode on Season Two. Lee is a strong icon for Telltale
  • this ending might be related to the Jurassic park game:
    there's I believe 3 endings
  • TheNNerdGamer;723888 said:
    this ending might be related to the Jurassic park game:
    there's I believe 3 endings
    Multiple endings doesn't sound wrong at all.
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