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Who picked Lee solo or Lee and Ben?

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I really want to know.
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  • In my canon playthrough, I hid the bite and I went on my own. Figured it was the most courageous thing to do, rather than burden the group and potentially endanger them if I were to turn. Besides, more people to guard the boat can't be a bad thing.

    In my non-canon playthrough though (whereby I make decisions I might have made differently in hindsight) I showed the bite and brought everyone except Ben, who I left to guard the boat. Praying he doesn't fuck it up.
  • I really wish I could go with just Ben and Kenny, but I don't want to be so heartless to Christa and Omid...
  • My whole group came (Ben too). Since Lee is bit & also about to die at least I want to die knowing Clementine will stay safe or she will die next to me...
  • I went with everyone:
    christa and omid came without saying anything
    Kenny too
    Ben too
  • Took everyone.

    Wonder if those left behind will actually survive, while those that you do take die. That would suck ):
  • On my main I went solo. Didn't show the bite and asked for no help. It just felt right at the time.

    So then on my "best possible choices" alt I went everyone but Ben. Figured it would be smart to leave someone behind to watch the boat... even if it was him.
  • I have 3 playthrough going:
    In one, I took everyone
    In another, I was a douche to everyone so no one came.
    and in the last I went with everyone except Ben.
    I might do another playthrough were I just take Ben with me though
  • I had Christa and Omid come as I showed the bite, and I had to convince Kenny to come (saying Clementine's family) and THEN convince Ben to come (saying Clementine voted for him to stay at Crawford), which was kind of annoying but I was neutral between them both. I am not really sure I made the best decision though, but I really wanted Kenny to come because I sided with him the whole game but one decision against him (saving Ben) and he got annoyed with me. I wish I told him to fuck off now, but I don't think I am gonna rewind. Ben I am glad he came along as I want him to prove himself. I think in this situation I would have asked everyone for help, but I am wondering what will happen because no one has stayed behind. Gonna go with my gut instinct though.
  • I just made three playthroughs. (One solo, One me and Ben only, and one everybody.)

    I just realized going solo gives an extended cutscene and mot choosing to show or hide the bite makes Omid find it and tell everybody. That too leads to an extended cutscene.
  • by the way, if you told kenny to fk himself he leaves without you. He took Christa and Omid with him while I took Ben. I now have three saves each with comoletely different outcomes. (Got everyone including Ben to come, went solo with Ben still alive, went with Ben while the others left.)
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