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Going out _______ Style? Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 4!

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This thread is about what i think may happen to Lee and/or one of the characters you bring with you in episode 5. I think that most characters you bring will die if not all, some will definitely be killed by walkers,maybe one killed by campman or another human, But another interesting way i think a character might die is that they might get bitten like Lee and T-dog did but they will be able to kill the walker that bit them and then knowing that they are gonna die may sacrifice themselves to save Lee or clementine like the way T-Dog saved Carol. I can definitely see Omid doing this to save Christa and Vice versa. And Ben would most likely save Kenny,Lee or any of the group to redeem himself. Kenny may sacrifice himself for you unless you's hate each other and finally Lee may do it in the end to save Clem and the group if they are still alive. Thoughts?
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