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2nd TheWalkingDead FINALE SCREEN!

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Telltale has released a new screenshot.

Come on, lets discuss :)a77ea3wciaado6jpglarge.jpg
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  • Zeruis wrote: »
    Is this the fate of the people who were left at the house?

    hahahaha... if so, Kenny is so totally screwed in my game.
  • Why are Ben and Christa pushing by hinges. Pointless? get in the middle
  • Christa... no idea.

    Ben? Do you even HAVE to ask? :p
  • I still think everyone will be dead when it comes around to saving Clem, but these screens are giving me hope people will be around a little longer than I expected.
  • So I guess the boat is just a bye-bye, no matter if your whole group came with you or you went alone.
  • lee should run in and tell them to push the inside edge of the door, you get more leverage if they were pushing the door that way :)
  • Remmember in Episode 4 when the zombies in Crawford tried to get in the Nursery station? Lee killed them.

    Why can't he do that same to the zombies that try to get in the house? :D
  •'s strange that lee is not in the screenshot. I think this is right after the morgue scene for e4. I still don't know why the radio guy would contact Lee since he has what he wants that sick bastard. But since the last time Lee and the sicko met was at the fence in the backyard of this house maybe that's why lee and Co. went back to the house...that and they may think it's safer than the morgue.
  • I'm going crazy. I want everyone to be safe. But I KNOW that isn't going to happen. So maybe I can save just one? Kenny? Christa couldn't live without Omid and vice versa. Ben even? Was it smart to take them with me? Should I have left someone home with Ben? AGH! Just shoot me.

    But wait I'm bitten... So yes, literally shoot me..
  • That let me hope at the end that Molly and/or Lilly shows up to save Clementine and the remaining survivors from the group (PLEASE Christa and Omid) :)
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