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Who Makes it Out Alive?

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sorry if someone posted this before but just think that it is very unlikely EVERYONE dies. I personally think one of Christa and Omid dies (almost defenitely Omid w/ his leg). Ben will risk his life for someone.

Overall the final group I have is Clementine, Christa, and Kenny. Ill actually be surprised if Kenny dies but we'll see.

Edit: really surprised at how many people think Ben will survive. I dont see TT making the extra effort to keep him alive for those that killed him.
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    Huh, so I guess that's not a valid vote??
  • Clem and Omid.

  • does anyone think molly might reappear and die helping the group?
  • Breaking News: CNN has predicted that BEN will die.

    Yep, I guaranteed a carly and doug death in epi 3 (as did a lot of people not denying that) but my guarantee for this episode is Ben. Noone likes him. He dies aving the group or something like that. Even though it IS the last episode so they can differentiate the story...I just dont see TT "punishing" the people who killed Ben. So yes Ben will die.
  • I dunno.
    I put Clem, Kenny, Christa and Omid.
    Clem I think has a a safe chance of living.
    Kenny, possibly could survive, I hope so.
    Christa and Omid, REALLY don't know with these two. Could end up going good for them, could sacriface one for the other, haven't got a clue.
    Lee is dead guys, it's happening :(
  • The voice actor for Kenny says he doesn't know what happens to Clem. :(
  • Clem and Kenny. Atleast I want so.
  • Well they said there is a concrete ending, but I do hope there is a variety of peripheral details that can change. I'd love to see the who lives/die outcome be a matter of choice or results of choices. I don't want just a "only these characters live at the end" unless it makes sense.

    Regardless, Clem will live and Lee will die. That is for certain. The hows to those are the exciting part I want to see.
  • I think the only one who always survives is Clem. The other people who survive are bound to the choices you make in Episode 5. Thats my guess.
  • I really only see Clem surviving but then I think it'd be pretty obvious she won't make it long so I think maybe Christa will become her new guardian.
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