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Hey everyone i just wanted to show everyone this but it's a magazine on the Playstation Uk Fourms where people in the community write reviews and features for it. I was just wondering but I think it would be cool if the Telltale fourms had this kind of thing. Where we could write reviews and features based on Telltale stuff.

Anyway for issue 3 of the Playstation community magazine i did a review of the PS3 version of Strong Bad Ep 1 (For people wondering i gave it a 9/10) Anyway if anyone wants to check it out please tell me what you think of my review :)

Edit:Also if any of the mods can come up with a better name for the thread please change it :)
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  • What, you mean something like a Review thread, where people just post reviews of stuff? Eh, I could get behind that. Might actually encourage me to do some actual reviews again.
  • Not a review thread but something like the one on the Playstation fourms, Telltale could have it as a main feature or something on the homepage for Telltale. But anyway my main point of making the thread was so people could give it a read and see if they like it. I am planning on making reviews of the rest of the Strong Bad episodes for the PS community Magazine :)
  • Oh, I see what you mean. Eh...
  • Could you guys check out issue 3 of the magazine and please tell me what you guys thought of my Strong Bad Ep 1 review.
  • ryannumber1gamer;703150 said:
    Edit:Also if any of the mods can come up with a better name for the thread please change it :)
    What, now you can't even stick to the names you yourself give the thread and need a mod to do it for you?

    As for the review, you fail to really make any statements of quality aside from 'gameplay is satisfactory', which would lead me to believe a five-ish out of ten as opposed to a nine. Overall, the review proves satisfactory, so I'll give it a 9/10.
  • Ribs;724143 said:
    What, now you can't even stick to the names you yourself give the thread and need a mod to do it for you?
    No it had a bad name at first and i got a mod to change it to a new name i picked.
  • Do you have a way to read the review without owning an iPad?
  • I don't know what your talking about Darth, you can read it without an ipad. You can read it on your computer or laptop.
  • You can read it on a plane
    You can read it on a train
    You can even read it when your mother visits from Spain! XD

    You can see it on the kindle
    You can see it in the nook
    You can even print it out and read it as a book!
  • ...I genuinely do not know how I missed the link to it. It's only the bloomin' picture!


    EDIT: OK, read your review. Um.

    It's hard for me to say why I don't like this review without sounding overly harsh, so bear in mind that while I'm going to criticise the review, it's nothing personal against you.

    First of all, the fact that you've explicitly broken up the review into sections - Story, Gameplay, Graphics, etc - means that there's no flow. It feels very clunky, with no lead-ins to each section, and and that makes it hard to read. I don't know if this was your decision or the editors, but it just doesn't work.

    Second, there's some rather odd language used. It almost feels like English isn't your first language in places. "The gameplay is satisfactory for an adventure game with the game controlling great"? That's by no means the only awkward sentence in the piece. Again, it just feels odd, like you couldn't think of any better words to use.

    Third, you seem to be writing this review as a fanboy, as opposed to being neutral and therefore more objective. Doing so skewers the review, meaning you'd probably give it more praise than it deserves. This isn't automatically a bad thing, but you don't actually out-and-out SAY you're a fan, which would excuse the overtly positive aspect of the review.

    Fourth, what's about? Who's StrongBad? What do his e-mails have to do with anything? Why has he gotten a bunch of games based on him? None of this is explained. If you're going to review something, you need to explain what exactly it is and where it came from, and you don't do this beyond mentioning the website briefly at the beginning. Context, dear boy, context!

    Fifth, there is NO Rule five.

    Sixth, NO POOFTERS.

    Seventh, you barely mention any bad things about it. I get you want to push the positives, but there are problems with this game and you need to actually refer to them. The controls are not perfect - it can be a bit clunky moving from menu to menu. The puzzles can have very bizarre solutions. The games won't appeal to anyone who isn't familiar with the source material. You can't bury problems like these - you need to address them.

    Eighth, the wrap-up is WEAK.
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