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In a ZA, would you join a group or go lone wolf?

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There are a lots of pros and cons when it comes to survive alone, along with groups.
Post what you think, and your reasons for it.

Personally, I feel safer with a medium sized group of, say, 6-10 people, this way we still have numbers, but not too much to atract attention. But there's also some problems with it, like possible food rationing, supplies, and of course, interpersonal problems.
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  • Going Lone wolf would be a double edged sword for me. I can be alone I've done it most of my life, but being in a group of family/family friends would be a better option for me(I'm deathly defensive of family). So the group would be fairly safe. Unfortunately with the group being family there would be fights over someone not pulling their weight in the matter. Going lone wolf if no family survived the initial run wouldn't be that hard for me to adjust to keeping my sanity/humanity would be the main focus along with survival.
  • I'd probably be alone for a while, see how it is. If i'm lucky to find a group, I'd gladly stay. If they want me.
  • My intention would be lone wolf, but I'd pick-up stragglers.
  • Macbeth3;723823 said:

    My negative traits would be, that I have slightly reduced hearing (not by much) in my right ear, and I am rather shy.

    if I would go in a group, I'd rather have it NOT more then 10 people.
    I would say to just keep mum about the negatives, no one needs to know about those for the most part. I think the people of Crawford would have given you a pass on the reduced hearing, though it would make things a little harder for you out in the field with zombies all around.
  • My family has a TEOTWAWKI plan and would be my group, and you know, any more trustworthy people that come along and can pull their weight.

    8Bit, I feel what you're saying about people basically having one skill.. I myself have been learning many different skills, so I can be a jack of all trades so I'll be valuable if SHTF and will have the skills and knowledge to take care of myself and family.

    And our bug-out bags are always fully stocked and ready to go! :)
  • You get a group and you keep building upon it. In that particular scenario, eventually humanity must go back on the offensive or all the surviving in the world is for naught.
  • It'll HAVE to be a group for me, I'm sure I won't be in my right mind, I'm sure I'd be like Ben :) Plus me and the whole seeing blood thing don't mix, so I'll need someone to carry me if I pass out lol!
  • I'd stick with a group. I reckon that a couple of months without even the option of human contact in a world that is infinitely hostile would batter anyone's mind, especially given the mental trauma that a zombie apocalypse would induce.
  • nomad098;723057 said:
    killing them will be helping because weak people like them will turn in to zombies
    Like Chuck said,you are alive,you ain't a girl,you ain't little,you ain't a boy,you ain't strong, you ain't smart,your alive.
  • I would stick with a group,atleast with around 3-5 people,I may at some point break off from the group though,once I know how to handle myself,though I would probably take my best friend,the person I could trust (and maybe a ton of supplies...mwahahaha)
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