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How will it end?

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We have always used Lee as our conduit to the walking dead world, so what happens when he dies? Will we say goodbye to Clem, and our eyes close and screen goes to black? Could we wake up as a zombie and see more? Or Clem shoots us, screen to black and credits??

Will there be nothing left of an ending, just Lee dying alone after finding Clem a safe place to live? I think it would be crazy to wake up as a walker and limp around, slowly letting us see what happened after he died.
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  • "good bye clem, you're my family'.

    "Kenny, take care of clem".

    they leave and lee dies
  • "Tell Clementine to shoot you."

    "Tell Clementine to return to her parents."
  • With chewing sounds.
  • That closing/opening eye effect they used in the 1st two eps. They'll close then open with a different tint representing that Lee is now a walker. you'll see Clem with a gun and your arm reaching out for her. She fires and the screen goes black..
  • Clem shoots Lee.
    Screen reads: GAME OVER. YOU ARE DEAD. :p

    But really, I have no clue.
  • Zeruis;723950 said:
    Clem shoots Lee.
    Screen reads: GAME OVER. YOU ARE DEAD. :p

    But really, I have no clue.

    But I'm sure it will be very emotional.
  • I changed my mind:)

    They lock themselves up in a meatlocker or something like it. A suicidal attempt but without any other choice... Lee couldn't get out nor Kenny could get in. Kenny locks them up to protect them and dies after it. They can't open it from inside. Even if they could, there are lots of zombies outside.
    They hug each other one last word, and then camera fades...

    We are playing another character on Season 2 and we are opening that locker by coincidence.
    Christa and Omid are all eaten by Lee and Clem. They are turning to the viewer cowered with blood.

    What a premiere :P

    Next week, I'll be so sad, I'm counting on it.
  • Zeruis;723950 said:
    Clem shoots Lee.
    Screen reads: GAME OVER. YOU ARE DEAD. :p
    Basically this.
    If you want to truly identify with the character, when Lee dies the games ends. No epilogue, no more story, no "What happens to everyone else". First person view, Lee dies, the screen goes black, we never see any of these people again. A true gaming death. End
  • I think e5 ends with Lee and Clem as the only two who make out of Savannah. Clem then has to put Lee down just as he dies and is about to turn. That gunshot is heard by a nearby group of survivors. Our preview to season 2 is through someones eyes that we don't get to see but this person sees Clem up on a ridge and pans around to see the other members of our new group...
  • It will end with Clem shooting you, and then something similar to this screen comes up:

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