TWD xbox: Finished Episode 1, won't let me play 2

i know everyone seems to have a problem here or there, and I am looking for a solution in the other threads...

I finished Episode 1 over the summer & bought Episode 2, but it never downloaded (said it was "available" but not installed). So I just DLed it a few times & decided maybe I just got gypped out of 400pts.

Today I finally bought Episode 3 & woohoo it DLed BOTH ep 2 AND 3 ;-)

So I went to play again, brought me back to Episode 1 again (I can't tell you how many times i've played that last scene at the motel just HOPING it would finally go to episode 2 afterwards). Well, it didn't. I've tried logging out, turning off my xbox. I have all my achievements from that 1st episode. And now it even shows both the 2nd & 3rd eppies are installed, but won't let me play anything more than that last DARNED scene in ep1 ;-)

If anyone knows how to remedy this or how i can get a refund for my 800pts, that would be amazing, though I don't see this being easy. I just wish i hadn't bought these because I'd really would have rather used those points toward my Borderlands pass lol.

Thanks 4 reading


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    ps, i posted here because I am literally "STUCK" in the game & need help ;-p
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    Did you hit RB on the episode select screen to start episode 2? Oh nvm misread. Are you waiting for the credits to roll through?
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    when you press your save data you see episode 1 press rb go to episode 2 and press play and your all set
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    I am having the same issue. Even if I select Ep 2, it takes me to the Hotel at the end of Ep 1. If I play that part and let the credits roll, it kicks me back to the main menu. No mater what I do, it takes me back to the end of Ep 1. I have deleted and reDLed EP 2, and still doing the same thing.
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    Same issue here. I'd really appreciate word on this one. I've moved my save to
    different slots, redownloaded ep2, and I'm trying to move data to different storage now.

    I don't want to kill my save and start over as I'm worried that it won't help (and just add to the frustration).

    Edit: I just noticed that I have two saves for The Walking Dead on my HD. One was the original downlpad date, one was shown as being installed tonight. I couldn't delete the new one (there was an error deleting this file) so I deleted the old one. This caused the game to vanish from my library. I'm trying to move my save to cloud storage and delete the game at the parent level...we'll see...
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