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Rate the episodes so far

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For me top being best


To be determinded
Season 2
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  • 1: 10
    2: 9
    3: 7
    4: 9
  • 1st: 2 - It's shock factor was high, overall fun, and great story.

    2nd: 4 - The story was interesting, the whole "NO BOAT! NOW A BOAT BUT NO GAS OR BATTERY! DAT ENDING!", and just alot of decisions were made here that will probably
    decide alot what happens to people in ep 5.

    3rd: 1 - It started of the series amazingly and even had a decisions that lasted for 2 more episodes longer!

    4th: 3 - Don't get me wrong, if it was a number rating, all of these would be over 9, but 3 was more emotional than gameplay.

    Oh and to everyone saying that 4 didn't live up to earlier episodes, what it will probably do to episode 5 will matter ALOT. And it IS emotional, those who have played the end will know why.
  • 1st- Episode 2: The best writing, acting, choices, payoffs and QTE's in the series. It was the episode that made me love the game instead of just liking it a lot.
    2nd- Episode 1: A terrific set-up introducing well defined characters, genuine emotion and enticing potential
    3rd- Episode 3: A strong first two acts with the two the most shocking moments in the game, but hindered by a ho-hum third act with a simple resolution to a non problem.
    4th- Episode 4: Episode 3's polar opposite. A ho-hum first two thirds that meanders about and moves in fits and starts followed by a terrific third act with a shocking twist and cliffhanger. It also had a number of gaping plot holes and inexplicable details (they really test the gaming trope of infinite pockets to its limits with Molly making a huge jump over a roof with a heavy car battery) that I couldn't ignore.

    I really hope Episode 5 can at least reach for the number 1 or 2 spot. A great ending can give a story resonance (ME1/2) while a terrible ending can sink a lot of good will (ME3). I have faith in Telltale though.
  • One a 1-10 scale. 1 being awful, 10 being amazing.

    Ep 1: 10- great introduction. Perfect in every way.

    Ep 2: 7 - good follow up. I rated it a little low because it was predictable, and so far we have no idea who Jolene was and why she watched/recorded them unless I missed something.

    Ep 3: 9- awesome episode and a shocking death to Carly or Doug. Love the scene where you can kick lilly out or keep her. Hope she shows up in 5.

    Ep 4: 10 - leaves you wanting so much more. This episode made me hate Clem though. Now I fan care less if she dies. Lee being bitten also shocked me.

    Ep 5: TBD- I just hope it is seriously longer than the others, maybe even double the length. I want to see loose ends tied up.

    In order:

  • Heartburnkid;724185 said:

    Ep 4: 10 - leaves you wanting so much more. This episode made me hate Clem though. Now I fan care less if she dies. Lee being bitten also shocked me.
    How did it make you hate her? She's acting pretty believably for the situation she is in, especially for that last dialogue moment with her. Call her whiny and a pain if you want, but she is a child. I didn't think of any of her moments upsetting me or making me like her less.
  • In my mind they are all 10/10.

    Epi. 1 = Epi. 2 = Epi. 3 = Epi. 4 | ???
  • No need to rate the episodes individually. This game gets an immediate 10/10 from me, somebody who grew up on adventure games, and never thought they would advance this far and in this way.
  • In the end it is one game in my eyes, a game that deserves a solid 9 out of 10.

    Job really well done... no matter what is to come. They just can't fuck it up anymore (and that's anymore, not any more) ;)
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