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playing on ios, how in the hell do you make lee walk enough to stay behind the tractor? i've been stuck here for a week now and it's getting really really really old. is it a glitch for app players or am i just missing something. thanks in advance for the help!
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  • Im on an iPad2 and it took me a dozen or so attempts to get Lee moving with the tractor, held my thumb down and tried to keep him near the front of the tractor and even got him to do some 360 turns like tacking in a sailboat. Got to the first zombie blocking the tractor and moved him out of the road ok. got to the second zombie whos active and Lee throws him aside but now I cant lee to move his ass fast enough to stay clear of that zombie.

    OK I got Lee to the gate. Once you drag the zombie away I found moving lee in a zig zag motion towards the silo mainly worked. Once the tractor bumps against the silo your home. Its a pretty tough ask on the ipad but it can be done.
  • That was a real PITA. Took about 20 minutes of trying but finally timed it right
  • another reason not buy it on ipad lol

    at first i thought you meant ep1 hershals farm, but you actually meant ep2 the st john farm
  • I have an iPad 3. I read the part about keeping the thumb down on the screen but it didn't help me. I stopped trying to make Lee go forward and instead immediately pointed him towards the tractor. After a few tries I got it right. He bent over with his back to me and starting creeping left. At that point it wasn’t hard to get control of him --I was even able to spin him around in circles--and keep him moving to the left at the same speed as the tractor. Soon you come up to a walker and you have to deal with that, but you have finally made it past the tractor! After that walker there is another one ortwo more. The last one is the worst. Some people have had problems with these walkers but I got to the gate in one try. Good luck!
  • Make a backwards "L"..go up and to the left.
    slide your finger up and then go left and keep doing it fast.
    then you make took me 50 I'm trying to get past the last walker in that scense.
  • the ios telltale games need to be so precise, I hate that.
  • Try to not play it on ipad
  • Pickles312;733852 said:
    Try to not play it on ipad
    too late now.
  • So far I love this game ! Using Ipad mini and I am behind the tractor on the dairy farm. I've tried to do the tricks that have been posted but I die right away as I can not get Lee to walk with the tractor. I can't keep up with it. I've tried the backwards L
    Will go back to see of thumb in the middle of the tractor works. Any thoughts? Thanks
  • I'm losing my mind! I've tried every trick posted and still can't get Lee to walk with the tractor. I'm worried this may be a bug in the iPad mini. Anyone on iPads have any advice? I know this game isn't quite as popular but maybe someone has some ideas. Thanks again .
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