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3rd Screenshot Released!!!

posted by Walking Dead Rocks on - last edited - Viewed by 637 users
Here is the newest screenshot just now uploaded onto Telltale's Twitter looks like Lee is going on a little adventure to get away from the herd!!! Looks awesome what are you guys thought after seeing this???

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  • "Following the re-dedication of the temple, the supporters of the Maccabees were divided over the question of whether to continue fighting or not. When the revolt began under the leadership of Mattathias, it was seen as a war for religious freedom to end the oppression of the Seleucids. However, as the Maccabees realized how successful they had been, many wanted to continue the revolt and conquer other lands with Jewish populations or to convert their peoples."

    Maybe we can view a comparison!
  • ThatoneJeff;724590 said:
    "I bet you can't climb that sign, Lee."
    Lee-I bet I can, I've been in the animus!

    Kenny- :eek:
  • Poor Omid...I brought him with me, and it seems like there's a lot of climbing and everything. Every time I see where you have to get your feet firmly on something, otherwise you're likely to fall, I get nervous about him.
  • ...Wow, Did Lee turn into Molly?
  • At this screenshot Lee looks alright. Maybe he will survive after all ? :P Who knows...
  • QuarterPounderVlad;724751 said:
    ...Wow, Did Lee turn into Molly?
    No, he's Batman. :)
  • Where is he heading to anyways? At the end of that sign there is a wall, I doubt he would jump to that window.
  • Brohan;724764 said:
    Where is he heading to anyways? At the end of that sign there is a wall, I doubt he would jump to that window.
    Or maybe he is just after loosing that sign ? For distraciton or for a later usage down there?
    Who knows?
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    why lee is alone? where's everybody?
  • mz3;724767 said:
    why lee is alone? where's everybody?
    We was all alone at some parts on forth episode (serwers), don't be afraid :)

    According to the simple math of a good scenario, hero/heroine have to take the final task all alone himself/herself.
    Like Ripley went after Newt(Aliens), or Claire after Sherry(RES2).
    Everyone around has another task or none of them is "available" for the big boss. This is the one which the real "guy" must bear alone when all hope seems lost.

    It is a bit cliche but it is how it is.
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