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Episode 5 trailer discussion

posted by dukeleto on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users
[highlight]MOD EDIT:

HERE'S THE TRAILER.[/highlight]

Don't panic, it's not released yet but it is about to. :)

I'm not opening this thread to discuss expectations by the latest trailer of WD which was announced to be released TODAY.

But I opened it, because I'm not watching it since there is so little time left for the episode itself. I want to play it without watching any scene.

So, I thought, maybe you can share your thoughts here when trailer hits. If there is an exact thread around here to discuss the trailer, I'm sure all players who don't want to know anything about the final episode -like me- will be safe by spoilers.
Pretty pretty pretty please don't talk under so many threads about the trailer :)

You can chat about any expectations before trailer is out, though.
Anyway, I'm not reading any of it :)
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