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Consequences of hiding the bite?

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Do you think there will be a consequence for showing, or not showing the bite? So far it just affects who comes with you, but will one choice have an advantage over the other? Will they let you hide the bite from Clem too? I'd tell her right away for sure.
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  • Hard to say, maybe they all get killed coz of it (Incase Lee turns into a walker) Decisions haven't had any major effect on the story till now but now i do expect it to coz this is the final episode, but then again if season 2 is based of this season then its highly unlikely to have any major effect other then a dialogue or two from the gang.
  • I think you can tell Clem. I just needed to get Ben with me so he can die in a epic red shirt way. or you know learn to be a man that can take care of Clem.
  • Maybe something very little. Not so sure... If the gang find out maybe they will judge you for not telling them or something similiar to that. I showed the bite. I want everyone to feel sorry. MWAHAHAHAH!
  • Possibly. Maybe if you show the bite the group could be prepared that you might turn into a walker. And maybe if you hide the bite whoever comes with you wouldn't even think your bitten, therefore not knowing and dying? I don't know. We only have to way one/two more day(s). :)
  • Yeah I dunno I'm not sure if showing the bite was the right move because even if they do find out what are they gonna do? I'm dead anyways.
  • Hiding the bite = Lee kills the group :o
  • I think that if you choose to show the bite, then the group will know immediately that Lee is now dying and they'll be willing to help any way they can. But if you choose to hide it and when Lee's sleeve gets torn off, (as seen on trailer) then they'll be pissed at you for not telling them to begin with.

    But let's face it, the way Duck was all sick and pale after being bitten, I'm sure it would've been obvious to the group, even if the sleeve doesn't get ripped off.
  • Wait, when did I become a member?
  • i hid the bite, but my plan is to show everybody once we are on our rescue mission, it may be a bit of a mean trick, but i just assumed people wouldn't help me if they knew i was a dead man
  • What if showing the bite is actually the dangerous choice. I am not sure how, but TT could make showing the bite turn against you.
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