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Why would Lee talk to Omid about Larry?

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Apparently he tells both Omid and Christa about him but that makes me wonder why. Don't tell me they get trapped in a locked room again and Lee reminisce's about that event.
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  • Fezzan;725188 said:
    The IGN review makes reference to Lee talking to Christa and Omid about Larry.
  • That's news to me. When did that happen? Not in today's trailer.

    Oh, in the IGN review of the game. A 9.5 for e5..most impressive. In my game it makes sense because Christa and Omid saw Lee tell Kenny to go fuck himself. They may ask why later on and it pretty much is because of the locker scene. I have no problem saying Kenny murdered Larry.
  • HiggsBoson2142;725194 said:
    Oh god, did you see the trailer? Because there's a part where...Christa's stuck in a room...
    Campman is a pedo and a rapist? God no :(

    But yeah, I'm pretty sure that the Larry thing is gonna be really small. Something like:

    Lee mentions Larry.

    Christa and Omid go "Who's that?"

    You choose one piece of dialogue and then the game continues.
  • TheNNerdGamer;725213 said:
    Come on take a stab at it or a shot. You're amongst friends...mostly.
  • lol can't wait for tomorrow!
  • Kiel555;725231 said:
    Come on take a stab at it or a shot. You're amongst friends...mostly.
    ummm... okay

    I think It's because Lee had(s) in this episode flashbacks form episodes 1-4
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