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Who kidnapped clementine?

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I'm confused with the story. In the end of episode 4 Clementine gets kidnapped by some mysterious person but what does he want with clem? I think it is the father of the boy in the attic but what are your suggestions?
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  • I think he's always been in Savannah, I mean theres no way he could have been following the group when they were on the train and the first thing he says is "Cant wait for you to get to Savannah, Clementine".
  • He warned the group to get out the streets because he seen them coming in episode 4. So the question is he not totally stalking the group he wants something maybe he the brother of the Senator Lee killed something deep like that and it just happen chance, luck, he came across Clem via walkie talkie!!!!
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    Lets break it down to the first question we should be answering. Was it the man who watched you dig the boy in the attic that made us jump?
  • What if he and Molly are in cahoots. Dun Dun duun. Married and then its round 2 Molly.
  • I think the guy on the radio (sicko1) and the creepy guy (sicko2) at the fence are two different groups. Sicko1 is in an elevated position like in the penthouse of a high rise building since he's able to see movement below like Lee's group and the walkers. He has no reason to get a closer look at the backyard of the house he saw Lee's group run into. Sicko2 heard all the gun fire, commotion and attempted break in of the house and came to investigate. He ran away since he thought Lee's group was most likely from Crawford just like Molly concluded.
  • Whoever it is, they must be really capable to have survived in Savannah so long, especially if they have been surviving alone. If he's part of a group then surely Molly or Vernon would have known about them? I wonder if it's a Crawford survivor.

    I'm starting to wonder who the guy watching Lee bury the boy was. He didn't look or act how I would expect the guy on the walkie talkie to act. Maybe that was the father of the boy? He couldn't tear himself away from seeing his son finally buried. He'll feel indebted to Lee for releasing him from his misery!
  • DreadMagus wrote: »
    He's just some dude that wants to give her..... candy.

    I chuckled
  • Question: Who kidnapped Clem?

    Answer: Campman. AKA Slenderman going to a strip club.
  • ..Chuck reanimated and took her with him. DUN DUN DUN!
  • Think about this... Lee tells Clementine the group won't look for her parents and she cries. Lee sleeps after that.

    I think Clementine thought "Hey, nobody are going to help me to search my parents..." and she decides to look for them herself. Maybe Vernon sees her or she speaks with him about this and he convinced her to let help her to find her parents. Then she speaks with the walkie guy.

    Clementine tells Vernon and his group about Marsh House so they decide to go there (maybe Campman offers them by radio a new shelter in Marsh House) and then Campman kidnaps all of them.

    I don't think that Campman or Vernon would kidnap Clementine at the beginning, sincerely. All of you, guys, speak about in how much you are going to beat him or kill him but if Clementine wants to go with Campman and/or Vernon? Are you going to kill them anyway? Get ready for that kind of choices.

    And all of that amount of zombies are from the horde they met earlier in the train, in the previous episode. They followed the noise from the train until Savannah. Now, in the Finale, the horde it's arrived and they are going to put in REAL danger to everybody.
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