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TWD Season 2 speculation/suggestion (merged threads)

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In the coming months, Telltale Games will release three more episodes of their adventure game The Walking Dead. They won't stop there, though. Telltale marketing executive Steve Allison said that they will create a second season eventually as well.

"Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do," Allison told Polygon.

The Walking Dead has been a huge critical and commercial success for Telltale. The first episode, "A New Day," sold almost 1.7 million copies in its first two months. It's said to be the company's fastest-selling game ever.

The game starts before the events of the Walking Dead show and comic. Lee Everett, a man convicted of murder, has been unexpectedly free as a zombie outbreak sweeps the globe. He and a small group of survivors band together in order to stay alive. As Lee, players must endure zombie attacks as well as internal strife among the survivors.

It's not clear whether the second season of the game will be a direct continuation of the first season. They might just decide to tell a new story with a completely different cast of characters. I'd be happy with either. The writing for these games has proven top-notch so I have faith that Telltale could craft another compelling set of survivors for us to follow.

Episode 3 of Walking Dead will be available in August. "Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do."
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  • hold on to your damn season 1 saves when season 2 arrives
  • i'll put my ides after ep 5
  • Well I don't have alot to wish, but 2 points here:

    - A female lead character that grow also as a leader during the game and earn the respect from the group.

    - A gay couple, that are working great together as a great shot & a genius (kinda like Carley & Doug)... some time later down the road, one will die where you have to decide who you save. Or a other choice where you know a secret from one of them and can decide if you say it to everyone in the group, only the partner or don't mention it. When you do it you are fine with the rest of the group or you tell it only the partner, that means: 1. The partner who told you the secret will like you more. 2. Cause trouble with the boyfriend because he then always will watch out what you do and questions your actions.

    But in the end it would be great to have a strong and not so stereotypical gay couple in a videogame that people can like.

    That's something I would like to see the most AND Gary Whitta should write 2 episodes, just love his work. :)
  • I'd really like playing as Molly, but it's very unlikly. Main character would probably be somebody new, so we can shape his/her personality by ourselfs. I also think that making character more customisable would be nice touch. Or if we could choose between 2-3 persons. Somebody made a good point, that players don't feel the bond with their character and this could change that. For example, I'm young woman and playing as guy is always kind of weird for me.

    I'm also pretty sure, that we'll meet somebody from season 1. I'd love if it could be Mike or Molly (it depends on when game would take place - at the same time, before or after), but I suppose it could be whoever survives final episode. There are also chances of meeting somebody from comics or series (like Glenn in this season).

    Another thing are children. They're everywhere. If there's something, anything with zombie apocalypse, you have 90% chance, that main character will have to take of some kid. And I'm getting kind of fed up with it, especially that they're usually really annoying (Clem is the exception, but look at Carl or Duck). Seriously, couldn't our character have some greater goal? Like making new community, rebuilding civilization, seriously anything?

    Oh, and I also think it'd be awesome to have gay couple as the companion. There was one in the comics, and they were made really good.
  • 1. An improved engine

    I'm not going to say the graphics of TWD are bad, I just think there's work to be done. Lip syncing, facial motion in general, needs improvement.

    2. More difficult decisions/choices that will affect characters

    I hated Episode 3 for this reason, as the episode wasn't bad in story, it just didn't have enough choice in it. Choices like killing Larry, or siding with Kenny at the drugstore were good.

    3. A longer season

    10 or so episodes would be good.

    I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong. What do you guys want to see?
  • 4. A refund for paying to be a PS3 tester on season 1.
  • I keep hearing rumors about a season 2 coming out next year, is this true? I love the Walking Dead and have gotten a lot of friends to play it! I go crazy waiting for the next episode to come out! I have 3 games currently going and each one I'm making different choices and I love seeing how they play out so different! I would love to see a season 2 with new characters and more difficult choices to make!
  • Just finished Episode 5 and I'm wondering if there are any plans for a season 2?

    I've been loving the game!!
  • Season 2 has been confirmed. We just don't know when.
  • 5. Having the distribution system work on Mac instead of waiting for a community mod to come up with a workaround.
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