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The ZA and pets [warning]

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This topic could get very dark for some regarding our pets during an actual Zombie Apocalypse. I advise some not to read it.

The non dark part:
I wanted to start off with the fact that a huge majority of humanity has some kind of pet. Dog, Cat, hamster, fish. Whatever it may be. Now, I'm not going to focus on the lesser pets such as hamsters or fish or what can be considered the less noise producing pets.

Instead, this is going to focus on the louder pets such as dogs, cats.

From what is known, when it comes down to a ZA one of the survival aspects is to draw as little attention to yourself as possible. Which means you should not make noise as we all know that Zombies will follow a noise for miles out of instinct. (note the horde following the train in ep4)

With that in mind I have no doubt that a lot of the louder pets, mainly dogs and cats would attract a LOT of attention!

While cats can run they can't defend themselves. They can try by hissing, or scratching or biting.. But that wouldn't deter a hungry Zombie so the cat just became dinner. In a family atmosphere they can be relatively quiet they still will be a drain on resources over time. Like many animals it doesn't take long for a house cat to become a feral cat when they are pushed into it. Some cats do like to meow or cry now and then so those types are dangerous to have around in the ZA.

These animals are the louder yet more protective of the two. Dogs in a protective mode against a human can overcome most and get away or hurt their attacker enough to deter them. Unfortunately a Zombie does not have the same fight or flight triggers as a normal human being. So while the dog may attack it will be putting itself in danger to being killed and eaten since the dog can't do enough damage to a Zombie to deter it from it's meal. In my opinion, dogs are the first species to be killed off.

So here we are in the Dark part:
You have a dog or a cat that make a lot of noise. It could easily encourage a Zombie horde to you and your family by barking or chasing after them and then running back to the home leading them to your family.

What is done with the pets we love? Do you kill them off in the beginning if they get loud or do you just let them bark and give away your position. Granted a lot of pets can be trained to not bark or make noise but a good portion of them are not so well trained.

I have to admit that I have a very loud dog. She just doesn't listen when she is told to be quiet. A person can walk down the street and she is barking at them. She barks at everything even if there is nothing to bark at. I have to admit here and now and say that my beloved pet would have to be killed in order to protect my family for either to prevent them from attracting Zombies to my home or to provide as an emergency food source for my family.

So there en-lies the question. What do you do with your loud pets? Do you kill them off, do you spare them, do you eat them, what do you do when your family is in danger due to the pet simply giving away your position?
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  • In my family, our pets lives are as important as humans, they are part of the family and they have, essentially, equal status. We're not going to betray them and kill them just because they may make noise. Then again, my cats are rather quiet, so it might just be my family.

    However just thought I'd point out, if you had a small baby in your family, one that couldn't defend itself or help your family, would you kill it because it makes a lot of noise and wastes food for those that can help? I sure hope your answer is no, as that would be mine. It's exactly for that reason that I wouldn't kill my cats.
  • Kill my dog and leopard gecko, I think not.. If for what ever reason I wouldent be able to take my leopard gecko with me I would release him with all his live food and just hope he survives.
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    Thadeum BANNED
    I would not kill my dog unless I know he is gonna be a danger.

    If I need to, it's either him or me.

    It will be him.
  • I'm sure I could make, or find a muzzle for my dog. I wouldn't kill him. :(
  • kill it then eat it
  • My dog don't really barks a lot. But anyway, I have a muzzle. :p
  • Yes seems that the op has forgotten that a muzzle would stop the dog barking.
    Why resort to violence?
  • I don't like dogs nor even cats. There's benefits to killing your pet: they can provide food to your group, you can carve their bones into weapons and provide less mouths to feed.
  • Masta23;723377 said:
    It's a bit disgraceful that anybody would think a dogs life isn't worth as much as a human being's.
    Let's say you are inside a burning building, and you notice a human baby in one corner, and a box containing who puppies in another. Your time is running out and you have to choose whether to grab the baby or the dogs.

    Which one do you go for?
  • Orbifold;725565 said:
    Let's say you are inside a burning building, and you notice a human baby in one corner, and a box containing who puppies in another. Your time is running out and you have to choose whether to grab the baby or the dogs.

    Which one do you go for?
    baby every time, i would think it would be disgraceful to even debate who to save, i love all animals and think they are amazing but humans are more important, that doesn't mean i think humans should be allowed to be cruel to animals it just means that in a situation like this humans win
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